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We, the University of Baltimore faculty, are united in our opposition to any and all individuals, organizations, “watchlists,” and/or technology-enabled entities that would intimidate, suppress, censor, or punish open inquiry.

Free speech and peer review of open, academic inquiry are core values in the U.S. system of higher education. These values are also codified in the U.S. Constitution and legal precedents/practice, and they are integral to academic freedom.

Periodically, those with political, personal, and/or other agendas have attempted to silence universities and academic faculty. History teaches that these actions must be opposed at all times and places and that failure to do so risks insidious escalation of their actions.

We recognize that there are places of learning where restrictions may be accepted (e.g. religiously affiliated schools, military academies, etc). Beyond these limited exceptions, we reject all external attempts to silence open dialogue.

Development of critical thinking through having one’s ideas challenged is the best method of preparing learners to become active and globally competitive citizens rather than subjects.

Last Published 3/10/17