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This page will be updated as necessary with information regarding construction and maintenance projects and their impact on the campus community. 

  • The ramp and entrance to the Academic Center on Morton Alley will be closed for masonry repairs from Tuesday, May 30, to Friday, June 2. Additional entrances to the Academic Center can be found north of the ramp entrance on Morton Alley and also along Charles Street. Likewise, there are two locations with ramp access along Charles Street.

  • A fire curtain on the 7th floor of Angelos Law School has malfunctioned causing it to close, blocking the main entrance to the Law Library. We have been unsuccessful in getting the curtain to retract; therefore a contractor has been called to assist. Please note the work may take several days to complete; however, there is another entrance to the Law Library to the right of the main entrance.

  • The parking lane in front of the Langsdale Library on Maryland Avenue has been closed due to construction activity. This lane will remained closed until December 2017.

  • Facilities staff have planted rose and lavender bushes on the Mt. Royal median in font of the Student Center. Please be aware that the plantings will need time to adapt and grow. We ask the entire community to please be mindful of our hard work to beautify the campus and be careful around the new plants.

  • We have closed a small section of the Net Café in the Academic Center due to the snow storm. As a result, the lab has been reconfigured to accommodate the relocation of the computer workstations in the affected area. A temporary wall has been constructed to isolate the area while we assess the damage and make repairs.


last updated Thursday, May 25, 2017

Last Published 5/25/17