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Campus Projects

We oversee a wide range of campus improvements and renovation projects.

Please check this page periodically for new projects as well as for updates on existing projects.

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  • Langsdale Library Renovation

    Beginning in 2014, Langsdale Library will undergo major renovations to provide modern study areas and office space for UB’s expanding enrollment. When completed, the 55,337-square-foot renovated library will create a space that is more accessible, energy efficient and closely tied with the rest of the buildings on campus.

    During this time the Library will relocate to the third and fourth floors of the Learning Commons.

  • Elevator Renovation(s)

    Starting summer 2014, several elevators on campus will be renovated and modernized to improve services.

  • Campus Classroom Renovation(s)

    Campus classroom renovations include improving technology, adding new furniture and updating finishes.

  • Black Box Theater

    This project will create a performing arts space in the basement of the Learning Commons.

  • Bob Parsons Veterans Psychology Clinic

    This project will create a Psychology Clinic on the 4th floor of the Learning Commons.

  • Water Fountain Installation

    We are currently replacing the water fountains on campus with a dual purpose water fountain and bottle filling station. These stations deliver a clean and quick water bottle fill and enhances sustainability by minimizing our dependency on plastic bottles.

    These units have been installed in the
    Business Center, Academic Center, Learning
    Commons, Charles Royal and at 40 W.
    Chase Street.

  • 9/11 Memorial Garden

     The Facilities Management and Capital Planning department and the Omicron Delta Kappa leadership society, along with Blue Water Baltimore, worked to install the University of Baltimore’s first all native garden at the 9/11 memorial located on the west side of Gordon Plaza. The garden will be formally introduced at the observances on September 11, 2014. 

    Native gardens have beneficial ecological and genetic value compared with ornamental plantings, especially for pollinators.  Don’t be surprised to see butterflies like monarchs, swallowtails or the Baltimore Checkerspot enjoying the garden.

Recently Completed Projects: