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We oversee a wide range of campus improvements and renovation projects.

Please check this page periodically for new projects as well as for updates on existing projects.

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Here is the template for the door plaques and here is the order number for the transparency material for the sign inserts

Capital Projects:

Ongoing Projects:

  • Office Relocation Project
  • Charles Royal Building Facade


  • Student Center Food Pantry

    The University of Baltimore, in partnership with the Student Government Association, is developing a Campus Pantry that meets the immediate needs of hunger on campus, as well as continuing needs for additional resources that involve food security. The pantry is on schedule to open in a secure, convenient campus location this fall.

    Offering a pantry on campus will ensure that healthy food options are accessible to those experiencing hunger, regardless of their socioeconomic status, place of residence, or other qualifying factors that might prevent them from receiving assistance at a local food program. It also meets the immediate needs of a student population that includes commuters and non-traditional students, many of whom work full time and have families.

 Student Center Food Pantry Renovation

Student Center Food Pantry Renovation

Student Center Food Pantry Renovation

  • New Forensic Lab

    The new technology and forensic lab being renovated on the 4th floor of the Academic Center will support students in the School of Criminal Justice. This lab is an instructional laboratory focused on forensic analysis of technology and requires carefully crafted workstations and access to specialized software.

    The School of Criminal Justice orients its academic priorities toward integration with the real world, capitalizing on the very real city that acts as an extended classroom. 

 Digital Forensic Lab

Digital Forensic Lab

Digital Forensic Lab

  • Water Fountain Installation

    We have replaced the water fountains on campus with a dual purpose water fountain and bottle filling station. These stations deliver a clean and quick water bottle fill and enhances sustainability by minimizing our dependency on plastic bottles.

    These units have been installed in the Business Center, Academic Center, H. Mebane Turner Learning Commons, Charles Royal, at 40 W. Chase Street, and are currently being installed in the Student Center.

    Upgrades to the Student Center will occur as follows:

    1st floor: November 10–14
    3rd floor: November 17–21
    4th floor: December 1–5
    2nd & 5th floors: delayed, but will be rescheduled

    During the water fountain upgrades to each floor noted above, the water fountains on the remaining floors will be operational.

 SC Water Fountain

SC Water Fountain

SC Water Fountain


Recently Completed Projects:

      • John and Frances Angelos Law Center
      • Charles Royal Renovation
      • Flying Fruit Fantasy Cafe - Angelos Law Center 6th Floor
      • Mebane H. Turner Learning Commons Renovation
      • New Campus-wide Bike Racks
      • 3rd & 4th Floor of Learning Commons for Langsdale Library
      • Elevator Renovations Campus-wide
      • The Bob Parsons Veteran Clinic
      • 9/11 Memorial Garden
      • Refurbish Edgar Allen Poe Statue and USS Baltimore Bell
      • Angelos Law Moot Court Room Light Fixtures
      • Student Center Game Room and Lab Renovation
      • Usability Lab
      • Angelos Law Atrium Lights
      • Academic Center SIAT Game Lab Renovation
      • Edward and Mildred Cohen Attman Student Business Incubator


Last Published 2/14/17