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Campus Projects

We oversee a wide range of campus improvements and renovation projects.

Please check this page periodically for new projects as well as for updates on existing projects.

  • Langsdale Library Renovation

    Beginning in 2014, Langsdale Library will undergo major renovations to provide modern study areas and office space for UB’s expanding enrollment. When completed, the 55,337-square-foot renovated library will create a space that is more accessible, energy efficient and closely tied with the rest of the buildings on campus.

  • Elevator Renovation(s)

    Starting summer 2014, several elevators on campus will be renovated and modernized to improve services.

  • Campus Classroom Renovation(s)

    Campus classroom renovations include improving technology, adding new furniture and updating finishes.

  • Black Box Theater

    This project will create a performing arts space in the basement of the Learning Commons.

  • Bob Parsons Veterans Psychology Clinic

    This project will create a Psychology Clinic on the 4th floor of the Learning Commons.

  • Water Fountain Installation

    We are currently replacing the water fountains on campus with a dual purpose water fountain and bottle filling station. These stations deliver a clean and quick water bottle fill and enhances sustainability by minimizing our dependency on plastic bottles.

Recently Completed Projects: