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FMCP has lead initiatives to improve the streetscapes though our campus and keep the sidewalks clear in inclement weather.  This helps the community walk around and to campus in an attractive and safe setting.

Baltimore City owns the streets and sidewalks adjacent to the buildings on our campus.  However, UB has developed partnerships with the city to make: aesthetic, environmental, and safety improvements in these areas.  

These include the landscaping project on Mount Royal and enhanced crosswalks on Charles Street. Facilities is working with Baltimore City Department of Transportation to improve the safety and functionality of planned streetscape improvements including new crosswalks, buffered bike lanes, and sidewalks on Mount Royal and Maryland Avenues.  UB seeks to make sure these projects make our campus look better, but are also safer for people who are walking and bicycling.

 Ub streetscape

Facilities helps to make getting around campus pleasant and easy

Facilities adds seasonal plantings to make sure the campus is vibrant and colorful in session.

FMCP also seeks to limit the amount of salt applied in winter and fertilizers and pesticides applied.  


A new initiative is the addition of “Native Gardens” onto the campus. You may ask, what is a “native garden?’  Native gardens use plants that naturally occur in local climate and soil conditions.  Specifically, foreign, ornamental, and invasive species are not used and are removed if they creep in.  Some native plants provide important nutrition for native butterflies, insects, and birds.  Non-natives such as the “butterfly bush” can be quite harmful because they provide the equivalent of junk food to the ecological system.   

Native Garden 1

9/11 Memorial Native Garden be planted with help from Facilities, SGA, and Blue Water Baltimore

UB’s native garden #1 with plants provided by Blue Water Baltimore has incorporated these sun loving natives. Have a garden at home, you may want to try these and skip the non-native ornamentals.

Common Name Scientific Name
Switch Grass Panicum virgatum
Purple Love Grass Eragrostis specabilis
New York Aster Aster Novi-Belgii
Sweet Goldenrod Solidago odora
Spotted Beebalm Monarda punctata
Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa
Blazing Star Liatris spicata
Blackeyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta
Dwarf Blazingstar Dwarf Blazingstar
Native species in UB's "sun loving" 9/11 Memorial Garden
Last Published 5/20/16