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Like every institution, the University of Baltimore generates hundreds of tons of waste materials every year. On the bright side, UB also recycles much of what the community tosses out. Waste reduction and high recycling rates are a long-standing UB goal, but our success depends on you.

To recycle at UB, find a blue bin and deposit your materials. Every time you do so, you are part of the vital process of reuse and renewal.

Accepted Materials (blue bins)
Non-Accepted Materials (grey bins)
Newspapers, magazines, paperback books, all paper Food, liquid, plastic utensils, and heavily soiled items
Cereal boxes, frozen food packaging, other cardboard, and pizza boxes (if unsoiled) Styrofoam, carry-out or deli food containers, waxed cups, toilet tissue, Kleenex, coffee grounds, and tea bags
Most common plastics include bottles and jars (often labeled #1 and #2); please rinse if heavily soiled Plastic bags and wrappers, #6 plastics, and unnumbered plastics
Milk and juice cartons Batteries, electronics, light bulbs
Glass bottles and jars Coat hangers, spiral bound notebooks
Metal cans Cookware, ceramics, porcelain

waste and recycling station
One of many waste and recycling stations across campus.  Dispose of your waste and recycling in one spot!

Faculty and staff, do you need your own personal trash and recycling bins? You can save our staff time and reduce the number of liners used if your department shares one centralized trash can and recycling bin.

For example, on the 4th floor suite of the Charles Royal building, there is one recycling bin and trash can that most of us share. This saves hundreds of bag liners. Housekeeping staff can allocate their time doing more cleaning and less pick-up.

fountains for water bottles located across campus

Cut down on plastic water bottles by using the fancy new Elkay water fountains across campus!

Make a new habit: Bring a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up at one of these fountains around campus. Stop wasting money on those plastic water bottles.

These fountains have helped UB reduce the use of plastic, plus they encourage us to drink water, as opposed to sugary drinks.

Recycling System

Blue recycling bins are available across the campus. They are paired with grey trash bins cans so you can dispose of trash and recycling in one place.

We process recycling by taking the full liner bags from trash cans (clear bags) and recycling bins (green bags) and separate the bags at a sorting station on the Oliver Street lot.

Remember that trash and recycling should not be mixed within one bag. However, grey liner bags can be mixed with green liner bags and re-sorted later.

Other ways you can recycle and cut down on waste

  • Unwanted clothes: Consider dropping off these items at Goodwill Industries or Salvation Army. Click here for more information from the Department of Public Works
  • Electronics: Baltimore City residents can visit drop-off centers, which accept more than 32 types of e-cycle materials ranging from cell phones, gaming consoles, ink and toner cartridges, to network cables, modems, microwaves, CD and DVD players, fax machines and many more items
  • Lightbulbs, batteries and other household hazardous waste: You are strongly urged to recycle these items using Baltimore City facilities.  Click here for more information on disposing hazardous waste
  • Click here for a link to acceptable recycling items if you live in Baltimore City and here's a list for Baltimore County

The nearest Baltimore City Citizen Drop-Off Center to UB is the Northwest Citizens' Convenience Center at 2840 Sisson St. It's about two miles from campus.

Every year we host an e-cycling event during Earth Week. During this event we collect electronic items that are either repurposed and resold if usable, or they will be recycled in an environmentally safe and secure manner. The 2017 event collected 1,438 lbs. of materials.

Items e-cycled included; toner cartridges, printers, a network printer, a boom box, gaming console, hard drives, keyboards, mice, numerous chords, many old monitors, and a box full of small batteries.

If you missed the e-cycling event, but would like to e-cycle, please contact your city or county for more information. Click here for a link to the Baltimore City’s recycle/e-cycle website.




Last Published 5/8/17