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Bookstore Credit

What is bookstore credit?

It’s literally credit students may use to purchase textbooks and supplies at the beginning of the semester, prior to the disbursement of financial aid.

Enrolled students may apply for bookstore credit through the student portal three weeks prior to the start of each semester. Credit is usually available for use the next day, and may be used until late October. A charge in the amount of the aid will then be a placed on your student account to be paid along with tuition and other fees. If you have any questions about your eligibility for bookstore credit, you may contact Financial Aid.

Bookstore Credit may be used at these locations:

  • UB bookstore, which is the Barnes & Noble at the University of Baltimore
  • The Hive, which is a convenience store in the Student Center
  • UB Coffee Bar on the first floor of in the Student Center

While bookstore credit is available for use, students may purchase Bee Bucks, which do not expire and may be used at any time at the three locations listed above. Following the late-October bookstore credit cut off date, the State of Maryland will review the unused bookstore credit balances and notify the University of funds which may be placed on students’ Bee Cards as Campus Cash which is accepted both on and off campus.

Once the unused bookstore credit balance has been placed on your Bee Card and is ready to spend as Campus Cash, email notification will be sent to your UB email address from the Bee Card office.

You also need your Bee Card to participate in book buyback each semester.

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Last Published 12/1/16