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 Halls for rent

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1. CHOOSE a Venue

Host your event at any of the four main buildings located on our campus. Feel free to browse our spaces by building.

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2. Fuel your meetings

Fuel your meetings with delicious items from our extensive catering menu. We offer everything from a simple coffee service and lunch to afternoon dessert breaks.

Our Catering Options

3. Event PARKING

With events in any city parking can be a headache! At the University of Baltimore we take the hassle out of event parking, with two parking garages on campus. 

Parking Options

Have More Questions???

Have More Questions? We'd LOVE to answer them!  To make sure your event is as great as it can be, it helps to start as soon as possible. Even if the date of your event is only tentative, please contact our event coordinators  so that we can make a note on our calendar.  Feel free to email us at , or give us a call at 410.837.5142 

Last Published 5/11/17