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Student parking at UB


You've got options.

Remember that your Bee Card serves as your parking access card. If your Bee Card stops working, contact the parking office at 410.837.6573.


Student parking at UB

Maryland Avenue Garage

Maryland Avenue 

Our Maryland Avenue Garage (MAG) is one of our premier parking garages on campus. In the MAG amenities include electronic charging stations, hybrid vehicle spaces, and more.

Fitzgerald parking

The Fitzgerald

The Fitzgerald (Fitz) houses one of our parking garages and our UB Bookstore. The  Fitz  includes  amenities such as multiple electronic charging stations, numerous hybrid vehicle spaces, and more.

  • Semester Parking Plans

    • Each option is prepaid and valid for one semester; simply tap your Bee Card at entrance and exit gates.
    • All plans are nonrefundable; unused parks expire at the end of the semester. Questions? Contact the parking manager before you sign up for a parking plan.
    • You can park either at the Maryland Avenue or Fitzgerald garage; you'll make a selection when you choose your plan.
    • Varsity residents are eligible for semester parking plans.

    Option 1: $20 for up to 4 parks during the semester
    designed for those who visit campus periodically or often use public transportation

    Option 2: $42 for up to 10 parks during the semester

    Option 3: $75 for up to 18 parks during the semester
    designed for those who visit campus once a week

    Option 4: $150 for up to 36 parks during the semester
    designed for those who visit campus twice a week

    Option 5: $299 for unlimited parking during the semester

    Summer Option: $130 for unlimited parking during June and July

    Semester Periods: 
    fall: Aug. 1-Dec. 31 
    spring: Jan. 1-May 31 
    summer: June 1-July 31

  • Pay-Per-Park: $5 per park, up to one day (Fitzgerald only)

    • You can pay with cash, credit card, debit card or Campus Cash on your Bee Card.
    • You can park in either garage by pulling a ticket at entry.
    • Remember that the ticket must be validated by a cashier to obtain the campus rate. If the garage is closed, and thus no cashier is on duty, you will need to pay the full rate.
Last Published 1/3/17