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Special Event Parking Agreement

These procedures will be followed for all University events requiring special parking. The Campus Parking Office will approve any exceptions to these procedures on a case-by-case basis.


  • All special events will be planned with the least possible disruption to University students and staff that currently park on University-controlled parking facilities.
  • The Parking Office will determine which spaces may be used for event parking. This will be done on an event-by-event basis. The use of spaces for one event should not be considered approval for use of the spaces for any other or similar event. The determination for what spaces are to be utilized will be made based upon the academic calendar and current usage by University students and staff.
  • All requests for parking passes/event parking require advance notice of at least 10 business days from the time that the passes must be delivered to the event coordinator. Sufficient notice is required to allow all involved departments to be properly notified.
  • Once the request has been received, it will be evaluated and a determination will be made as to available parking locations.
  • The Parking Office reserves the right to limit the number of vouchers and or chasers that a department may purchase at one time.

On-Campus Event Parking

  • If the parking request can be accommodated, an email confirmation will be submitted to the event organizer detailing the location where the event attendees should park.
  • Arrangements to purchase vouchers or chasers must be made in advance.
  • It is the responsibility of the event organizer to make arrangements for voucher distribution to attendees and to ensure that they park in the appropriate location. Attendees who do not exit the parking facility with a pre-paid voucher or a chaser will be required to pay the current University transient daily rate.

Guest Parking (small lots of vouchers or chasers)

  • For single guest visits or small groups of less than 10, event approval is not required.
  • Host departments are responsible for securing vouchers or chasers to accommodate their guests' parking. Otherwise, guests will be required to pay the daily transient rate.

More Information about Vouchers and Chasers

When a guest arrives at a parking facility, a ticket must be pulled to gain entry. The guest retains the ticket. The host department will supply the guest with a pre-paid "voucher" or a "chaser" to use at exit. As the guest exits the parking facility, he or she will first feed the ticket, and then the voucher or chaser into the gate. The voucher will provide full payment for the guest's parking. The chaser will cause the gate to indicate the amount due from the guest for parking.

Parking vouchers purchased are valid until June 30 of each fiscal year. No refunds are available for unused vouchers; therefore, please check your inventory before requesting more.


Last Published 10/2/15