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christine wertz

Christine Wertz

undergraduate history student

Hometown: Mayo, Maryland

High School: South River High School

I am a leader.
I am confident.
I am adventurous.

My freshman year, I took a chance and jumped into service learning on BeMore’s Alternative Spring Break. Ever since, I have had a growing passion for getting myself and others outdoors to appreciate and interact with our environment.

I always wanted to be adventurous, explore new places and try new things, but before I came to UB, I never had the confidence or the tools.

That same semester, I came back from the alternative spring break and assumed leadership of the Outdoors Club, which was struggling to stay afloat after its previous president graduated. In one year, we raised our membership from myself and a few friends to well over 100 students, planning fun, adventurous activities for people to try new things, build friendships and strengthen their appreciation for nature. We’ve gone horseback riding, skydiving, camping, caving and so much more. In 2016, we won the Eubie Award for Organization of the Year thanks to all our awesome members and officers. I will always treasure the skills, experiences and, most importantly, the friends that I have gained from my time with the Outdoors Club at UB, and I hope this and other student organizations can continue to enhance each student’s life within and beyond college.

Last Published 9/5/17