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claudette booth

Claudette Booth

graduate human services administration student

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

High School: Northern High School

Transfer: Morgan State University

I am connected.
I am adaptable.
I am strategic.

When I first became employed at the University of Baltimore, I was very skeptical about returning to school. I had been out of school for 13 years and had no clue about what it meant to submit work “online via Sakai.” During my earlier college years studying business administration at Morgan State University, I submitted a hard copy of my work in class.

I was very skeptical about returning to school.

Once I decided to transfer my credits to UB, my other fear was having to sit in class with classmates much younger than I was. But as an adult learner, I realized I needed to utilize my classmates and ask them for help when I needed it. What I learned was that some of my classmates were just as nervous as I was, and it became easy for me to talk to them and establish relationships. As these relationships were created, I found my passion—the desire to help others—and I changed my major to human services. I have since earned my bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies, in which I focused on three disciplines: business, human services and psychology. Now I am pursuing a master’s degree in human services. It’s the best choice I ever made.

My employment at UB allows me the opportunity to continue to help others in their pursuit of a higher education.  It excites me to know that I have made an impression with students so they feel comfortable coming to me to ask for my assistance or just to chat. I also enjoy connecting and networking with students at campus events.

When I am not at UB, I serve as a community board member and plan various ways to actively involve youth in the community. We have yearly neighborhood clean ups, dumpster days and Play in the Park events. These events help to encourage the youth to care about where they live.  

Last Published 10/30/17