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Brotherhood. Mentorship. Achievement. Leadership. Enterprise.

The BMALE Academy inspires high academic achievement among UB's male students of color by supporting, embracing and engaging them in an effort to close the achievement, retention and graduation gaps.

Being a Mentee

The BMALE Academy recruits mentees and mentors. As a mentee, you'll be matched with mentors based on information you provide in your application, and you'll be notified once the matching process has been completed.

In addition to mandatory meetings and regular communication with your mentors, you are expected to attend BMALE Academy programming that focuses on:

  • social and community engagement
  • cultural immersion
  • academic programming
  • community service
  • intense mentoring
  • peer-cohort support structures.

Note that not all programming is mandatory, but as with all things in life, the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it.

Advisory Committee

  • Mark Bell
    assistant director for diversity initiatives, Office of Law Admissions
  • Sam Brown
    associate professor and director, M.S. in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Trevor Ebert
    undergraduate student
  • Charles Jennings
    associate director of career services, Career and Professional Development Center
  • Raymond McCree
    director of operations, Office of the Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Carey Miller
    academic coordinator, Office of Academic Foundations and Transitions
  • Sunni Solomon
    BMALE Academy director, Office of Academic Innovation

Want more specific examples of programming?

  • academic monitoring as a tool to enhance student success
  • academic and social goal setting
  • academic support programming (financial literacy, academic writing)
  • programs about working with police in the community
  • common read and discussion: Everything I'm Not Made Me Everything I Am by Jeff Johnson
  • engagement and college transition programming with Summer Bridge and College Readiness Academy programs
  • museum trips and other activities based on learning about culture and developing a cultural identity
  • educational and personal development conferences
  • community service events in Baltimore
  • group discussions (topics including racial identity, police brutality, social activism, student engagement, leadership, future plans, etc.)

Being a mentor

BMALE Academy recruits mentors through peer recommendations and self-nominations. There is no formal application process, but please submit a resume to C.V. to Sunni Solomon along with an indication of your interest.


To mentor a BMALE student, you must:

  • hold a bachelor's degree (or higher)
  • be an employee, graduate student or alumnus of the University of Baltimore
  • articulate why you are passionate about mentoring young men of color.

Time Commitment

You are expected to maintain weekly communication with your assigned mentees. Some weeks, this may mean simply sending an email, while during others, you might meet in person.

You also are required to complete a two-hour training led by current mentors; it covers topics such as accountability, setting boundaries and crisis resources.

  • Marshall Glaze
    Marshall Glaze

    undergraduate English student
    "It's relatable. That's the benefit of BMALE, because not a lot of people can relate to young black guys nowadays, and it's refreshing to be able to sit in a room with a few guys that aren't that much different than you. BMALE gives me the opportunity to connect with some guys who aren't from Baltimore, and we share a common interest through skin color."

  • Derick Ebert
    Derick Ebert

    undergraduate English student
    "One of the challenges that I have faced at UB is finding guidance from professors and staff who are of color. BMALE provides excellent mentors who are men of color as well as staff at UB, so they are often available to sit down and talk about future goals, current grades, etc."

  • Andre Mudiay
    Andre Mudiay

    undergraduate business administration (finance) student
    "My biggest challenge that I've had to overcome is realizing that it's OK to spend four hours straight or spend the whole weekend getting [my] studying and school projects done and telling [my] friends [I] won't be able to go out because this is my journey, and in order to the get the most out of it, I have to put in as much as I can. BMALE has taught me not to cheat myself."

  • Trevor Ebert
    Trevor Ebert

    undergraduate government and public policy student
    "Having a connection to my peers on campus through the BMALE Academy has created a safe space where we can discuss a variety of issues, whether they are social, academic or personal."

  • Ryan Ferguson
    Ryan Ferguson

    undergraduate criminal justice student
    "I went through some academic challenges, and BMALE has definitely helped me come out on top. Thanks to my mentor, I was able to meet with my professor in order to figure out exactly what was wrong and what would be the best way for me to get through the class successfully."

Last Published 11/17/16