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a mentee and mentor in the professional development institute
We're now recruiting mentors.

Our mentors are select UB faculty, staff and alumni who have a wide range of educational backgrounds and professional experience.

Mentors should be ready to:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a mentor?

    Mentors are select UB faculty, staff and alumni who have been chosen to guide students on their professional development path.

  • What does a mentor do?

    Mentors guide students in completing the Professional Development Institute requirements, discuss their career goals and objectives, and provide support and advice.

  • When and how do we meet?

    Mentors meet with students at mutually convenient times. Meetings can occur face to face, by phone, by email or through Internet chat.

  • What time commitment is necessary?

    A minimum of one hour of contact time per mentee per month during the semester is required for fostering a successful, productive partnership. More time may be necessary depending on a student's particular goals. Mentoring relationships are generally expected to last at least six months or until a student graduates.

  • What are the benefits of mentoring students?

    Benefits of mentoring include:

    • improved job performance
    • career success
    • recognition by others
    • personal fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • How do I become a mentor?

    You are welcome to apply any time. To become a mentor, you must:

    • hold at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
    • obtain, complete and submit a mentor application
    • attend a two-hour mentor orientation (if selected).

    We accept new mentors before the start of each fall term and hold training sessions in August each year.

Last Published 11/17/16