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a mentee and mentor in the professional development institute
Carve out your path for success with help from a mentor.

As a member of the Professional Development Institute, you'll receive one-on-one mentoring and a tailored plan to advance your career. Apply to be matched with a mentor now.

Program Requirements

Your certificate is made up of three components that you'll complete in consultation with your mentor.

  • Essentials

    You'll attend our kickoff; meet your mentor; explore career planning tools; update your resume, portfolio and/or LinkedIn profiles; and more.

  • Fundamentals
    You'll address these four areas of focus through workshops, activities or experiences:
    • Global Awareness
      Learning Goal: Connect knowledge with choices and actions that engage others in diverse local and global communities.
    • Communication
      Learning Goal: Communicate effectively in various media.
    • Ethics and Leadership
      Learning Goal: Acquire knowledge about models of ethical behavior and understand its implications in the development of personal and professional relationships.
    • Personal and Professional Competence
      Learning Goal: Apply strategies that enhance professional and personal competence.

    For examples of ways to complete these requirements, you can review our suggested workshops, activities and experiences by focus area.

  • Practical Experience

    You'll complete one or more experiences that are connected to your career goals, such as:

      • academic or professional research
      • internship/cooperative education
      • officer role in a student organization, student government or sport club
      • becoming a peer network adviser or Achievement and Learning Center tutor
      • presenting at a conference or workshop
      • substantial volunteer or service experience
      • studying abroad
      • work experience related to your career goals
      • other (with mentor's approval).

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • What does one-on-one mentoring mean?

      A mentor is a more experienced person who has volunteered to build a trusting relationship with a less experienced person for the purpose of providing guidance and support toward collaboratively established goals.

      Through the Professional Development Institute, mentoring is an interactive process between a mentor and a student that is centrally focused on the career and professional development of the student. Through discovery and strategic action, effective one-on-one mentoring provides both the student and the mentor with overall personal growth and opportunities for career and professional development.

    • Who can request a mentor?
      Any actively enrolled UB student may request a mentor.
    • Why should I request a mentor?

      Students should request a mentor to discover ways to:

      • interact with an objective source of encouragement, support and challenge
      • boost your self-confidence and self-awareness
      • identify meaningful, achievable goals
      • develop a plan to achieve your academic and career development goals
      • balance work, school and life
      • think from a different perspective
      • build a social and career network.
    • When can I request a mentor?

      We have open application periods at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

    • How are mentors assigned to students?

      The match will be based on the best fit between:

      • the student's personal development
      • the mentor’s educational background and professional expertise
      • personality strengths
      • time availability (schedules).
    • What's the time commitment?

      A minimum of one hour of contact time per month during the semester is required for fostering a successful, productive partnership. More time may be necessary depending on your particular goals. Mentoring relationships are generally expected to last at least six months or until graduation.

    • How do mentors and students communicate?

      Mentors and students may vary communication modes for mentoring sessions. A combination of face-to-face, phone and email communication can produce meaningful results.

    • How do I apply?
      If you are interested in applying, please complete the application form.
Last Published 11/17/16