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At the beginning of the third year, the end is in sight! Your student might be getting antsy for graduation or might be a little scared about the upcoming job search. This is a great time for students to focus on their soon to be profession. Suggest that they find a part-time job, internship or community involvement that will instill in them key skills for after graduation. This will not only prepare them, but also keep them engaged in their studies.

Fall Semester

  • Issue: Reaching halfway point of college; worried about taking the correct classes in order to graduate.

    Solution: Suggest that your student meet with their academic advisor to discuss their graduation plan. Students are encouraged to establish a relationship with a faculty mentor.
  • Issue: Enhancing leadership skills

    Solution: Encourage your student to participate in on-campus activities. Students become involved in student organizations through the Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement (CSI). Encourage your student to take on a leadership position (officer position, committee chairperson, etc.) and to seek out volunteer opportunities.
  • Issue: Feelings of being lost, not knowing what their calling is or what they really want to do in life.

    Solution: Talk with your student and help them reflect on who they are and who they want to be; help them consider what their values are and what they are passionate about.
  • Issue: Involvement overload is interfering with school work and social life.

    Solution: Remind your student to find a balance between activities, school, and down time, while always taking their priorities into consideration.
  • Issue: Contemplating study abroad.

    Solution: Students should visit the Diversity and Culture Center or school/college advising office for assistance with finding a study abroad opportunity and/or researching grant and scholarship opportunities to fund the trip.

  • Issue: Job/internship search preparation.

    Solution: Suggest that your student visit the Career and Professional Development Center to make an appointment with a career specialist. Students should create or update their resume, attend seminars to sharpen interview skills, and set up mock interviews.

Spring Semester

  • Issue: Contemplating graduate/professional school.

    Solution: Students should research schools with their program of interest. Remind your student to make note of the school’s requirements and to look into the deadlines and costs of taking practice tests for graduate entrance exams.
  • Issue: Needing an internship or job for the summer.

    Solution: Encourage your student to attend job career fairs and to visit the Career and Professional Development Center website to view employers with jobs and/or internships available.
  • Issue: Plans for Spring Break.

    Solution: If your student is planning a Spring Break trip, remind them to make sure that everyone attending is in agreement about expectations for the trip. Your student may also be interested in checking out information on alternative Spring Break options with the Helen P. Denit Honors Program, the Diversity and Culture Center and/or the Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement.
  • Issue: Anxiety about final exams/papers/projects.

    Solution: Suggest that your student meet with professors and/or seek tutoring from the Achievement and Learning Center for tutoring within their discipline.


Last Published 10/2/15