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  • If I have dollar amounts indicated in the "Anticipated Aid" section and a credit balance in "Account Summary" in My Student Center in MyUB, why don't I have a refund?

    A refund check is not generated until the financial aid amount listed is posted to the "Financial Aid" section of "Account Summary." Anticipated aid amounts are projections and are subject to change.

  • How do I determine if I will be receiving a refund?

    1. Log into MyUB and click on My Student Center under My Self Service in the upper, left-hand corner.
    2. Under the "Finances" section, click "Account Inquiry" under "My Account."
    3. Click "Activity" to view financial details for the current term.
    4. If you are receiving a refund, you will see "Refund Student Annapolis" in the "Refund" column. Note your check will be mailed directly to the local address that is listed in MyUB usually no later than 10 business days after the request date listed on your account.
    5. To track the status of your refund check, log into the Maryland General Accounting Division's Online Services Center. To use this site, you will need to register as a vendor. However, if you are waiting for a check reissue, you won't be able to track the status of the reissued check through this service center.
  • How do I make payments on my bill?

    You can make payments:
    • in person at the Office of the Bursar by:
      • cash
      • check
      • money order
      • Bee Card Campus Cash
      • credit card: MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover
    • over the phone by credit card
    • on the Web via MyUB.
  • Who can obtain information on my student account?

    No one is allowed to obtain information on your student account without your express written permission, according to FERPA.

  • What if I drop my classes? Will I get a full refund of tuition and fee charges?

    You are eligible for a full refund of charges only if you drop your classes prior to the first day of classes, not on the first day of your class. For more information, reference our Refund and Reduction Calendar.

  • What if I registered for class and did not attend but failed to drop my classes?

    You will be responsible for all tuition and fees.

  • What if I have a third party paying my bill?

    You will need to bring or fax the third-party billing authorization form (available through the employer/organization paying your bill) to the Office of the Bursar no later than the payment due date for the term so we can bill your employer/organization. Please note that until the payment is received in full, your account will be treated as your account. This means that if the payment is not paid by the date service indicators are being placed, your account will be subject to receiving a service indicator, which will prevent future registration and transcripts and/or degrees release, and your account will be subject to all collection activity, including being forwarded to the Maryland Central Collection Unit.

  • If I don't receive a bill in the mail, do I have to pay it?

    Yes, you are responsible for paying your bill on time. Payment is due to the University each term by the dates indicated on our home page. If you do not receive a billing statement at least one week prior to the due date, contact us immediately. Nondelivery of the billing statement does not release you from payment or from late payment assessments.

Last Published 8/19/17