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Frequently Asked Accounts Receivable Questions:

  • How can I get a T Number for out of state travel?

    Send a completed T Number Request Form to Gierra Bailey

  • What is the mileage rate and per diem rate and where I can find the detailed policy?

    The current mileage rate and per diem rates can be found on the web under Office of the Comptroller travel policies.

  • Are tips and miscellaneous expenses for travel reimbursable?

    Tips and miscellaneous expense are reimbursable. Institution funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages or additional flight insurance. Specifics about tips and miscellaneous expenses can be found on web under the Office of the Comptroller travel policies.

  • Is Washington DC considered out of state?

    No. Details can be found on the Office of the Comptroller website under Travel Policies.

  • What is the per diem rate for out of county travel and where I can look-up the policy on foreign travel?

    Per diem rates for out of the country travel can be found on the U.S. Department of State website.

  • What are commute miles and where can I find the detailed policy on them?

    Commute miles are the number of miles you travel to UB for a normal work day. A detailed policy on commute miles can be found on the website under Travel Policies, then Mileage.

  • What is the R*Stars accounting information to remit money to the University of Baltimore from another state agency?

    Contact Gierra Bailey at ext. 4747.  It depends, on revenue, expenditure or other account and fund, and program.

  • Why did we receive money from the University of Baltimore through R*Stars?

    Contact Gierra Bailey at ext. 4747.  Providing us with the R*Stars document number helps us to answer the question.

  • Why do I need an item type set up and how do I request one be set up?

    Item Types have to be setup up when establishing a new Waiver Tuition charge, new scholarship or grant charge. A new item type must be set up using the New Item Type Request Form which can be found under General Forms on the Office of the Comptroller website. The information for the 11 boxes on the top of the form must be completed by the requester/department. Completed forms must then be forwarded to the Bursar’s Office or Financial aid if it is a scholarship, grant, etc.

  • Who should I submit a Tuition Waiver Form to?

    They are to be sent to the University Budget Office in AC 337 first. 

Last Published 10/24/17