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Indirect Cost Allocation


Indirect Cost Allocation

The Department of Health & Human Services has approved the following indirect cost rates for the University of Baltimore.

                                 Facilities and Administration Cost Rates*

                                Effective Date

Type                      From                     To                          Rate (%)               Locations             Applicable To

 PRED.                    07/01/2010        06/30/2014                   55.0                     On-Campus            All Programs

 PRED.                    07/01/2010         06/30/2014                  30.0                      Off-Campus           All Programs

 PROV.                   07/01/2014

Until Amended Use same rates and conditions as those cited for fiscal year ending June 30, 2014.


Direct Salaries and wages excluding all fringe benefits.

 Indirect Cost Rates Original Doc. (pdf)