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Student Health Insurance

The Basics of the Student Insurance Plan

The University of Baltimore offers students the opportunity to purchase a student health insurance policy administered by the Student Educational Benefit Trust. The plan covers injury and sickness and has benefits for inpatient hospitalization as well as outpatient services. Preferred physicians and facilities are under the Carefirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO network.

This insurance plan is also accepted by the university’s student health care provider, the University of Maryland Family and Community Medicine Clinic. The 2013 – 2014 plan year begins on August 21, 2013, although there are options as to coverage periods and you may choose to begin coverage at any time. Annual costs for the individual student range from $1578 to $5,624 per student, dependent on age. Your financial aid can be used to cover the cost of the premium. The 2013-2014 Student Health Insurance Plan Benefit Summary can be found here.

Coverage is also available for dependents for an additional fee. For more information about the plan; to find a provider or to follow your account, log on to

Along with being able to purchase the plan, you will find more information about the company, details about the university’s policy, a list of physicians and facilities participating in the program, as well as other health related services.

To obtain a copy of the health plan brochure or have questions answered about the plan or health services, contact:

Office of Community Life
Academic Center, Room 112