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We C.A.R.E.

Success starts with C.A.R.E.!

The Office of Community life places our values of community, accountability, responsibility and excellence at the center of our work and we believe that success cannot be achieved without developing strong skills in these areas. Every initiative, program and service offered by the office provides opportunities to explore these concepts and practice relevant skills. 

Office of Community Life and the Dean of Students
C: Community A: Accountability R: Responsibility E: Excellence
Community members that contribute towards building an engaging, diverse and inclusive community which provides a strong foundation for success and achievement. A community whose members celebrates diversity, while seeking to develop a common understanding of attitudes, behavior and decision making that promotes learning, growth and success.  A community of active participants demonstrating conscious decisions and high personal standards, while embracing new and challenging experiences. We encourage UB community members to set goals and strive to reach their potential.

C: Community A: Accountability R: Responsibility E: Excellence
Developing a community that supports each other, shows empathy and acts with compassion.  Support efforts that encourage the promotion of self-advocacy and self-reliance.    Students constructively confronting and appropriately utilizing available resources to overcome challenges.   UB community members who recognize personal success is best accomplished by developing resiliency and problem solving skills.      

Community Standards
C: Community A: Accountability R: Responsibility E: Excellence
Students, faculty and staff making positive choices that constructively promote a strong, healthy, safe community. Addressing actions that are not consistent with community expectations in a fair and equitable manner that promotes learning and growth. Community members taking ownership of their decisions and addressing the impact of their actions. Community members recognize success requires a commitment to strong personal and community values. 

UB Living
C: Community A: Accountability R: Responsibility E: Excellence

Students, faculty and staff who understand the importance of self-care, personal development, social responsibility and community engagement.

The promotion of positive life choices and the celebration of achievements for oneself and others. Recognizing the importance of one’s role within their community and understanding how personal decisions impact its development and growth. Developing strong life habits that will contribute to healthy relationships, community involvement, and personal success.