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Success starts with CARE!

The Office of Community life places our values of community, accountability, responsibility and excellence (CARE) at the center of our work. We believe that personal success and community cannot be achieved without developing strong skills in these areas. Programs and services offered by the office provides opportunities to explore these concepts and practice relevant skills. 

Office of Community Life
Community  Accountability Responsibility Excellence
Students developing a deeper understanding of the role they play in building an engaging, diverse and inclusive community. Promoting the importance of serving as a role model and encouraging others to act with integrity and make positive decisions. Encouraging students to be active community participants and practice conscious decision making. Challenging students to set high personal standards and work towards reaching their potential.
Community Accountability Responsibility Excellence
Developing a community that supports each other, shows empathy and acts with compassion. Encouraging ub community members to support those facing difficulties through self-advocacy and resilience.   Students constructively confronting and appropriately utilizing available resources to overcome challenges.  UB community members who recognize personal success is best accomplished by taking ownership of their situation and practicing strong problem solving skills. 
Community Standards
Community Accountability Responsibility Excellence
Students, faculty and staff making positive choices that build a positive and healthy community. Addressing actions that are not consistent with community expectations in a fair and equitable manner that promotes learning and growth. Students taking ownership of their decisions and addressing the impact of their actions. Students recognizing success requires a commitment to strong personal and community values.
Last Published 4/25/16