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Students at HEROES Academy

Testimonials from HEROES Academy students:

  • “The HEROES Academy gave me a real feel for a university.”
  • “Seeing the variety of classes was eye-opening…”
  • “The HEROES Academy is both fun and informative…”
  • “After this, I want to go to college even more…”
  • “The overall experience was AWESOME!!!”

UB Staff and Faculty Spirit at Work: HEROES Academy—Higher Education Readiness and Orientation for Exceptional Students

The HEROES Academy is an annual community outreach activity coordinated by the Office of Government and Public Affairs and is financially supported by the Office of the President. The program also has been supported through the generosity of the Lois and Philip Macht Foundation and the William and Victorine Adams Foundation. 

Launched in 2008, the Academy has welcomed more than 1000 high school students from eight Baltimore high schools. Approximately 80 UB faculty, staff and  students serve in the Academy each year and have committed over 3,500 hours of volunteer time thus far.

The benefits of attending the HEROES Academy:

  • It introduces you to college-level academic offerings and classroom culture through a series of sample courses taught by UB faculty and UB students. The overarching goal is to inspire you to believe fully in your ability to attain a college degree.
  • Through interactions with UB faculty, staff and student volunteers, you are encouraged to think seriously about your post high school and precollege aspirations and to realize how a college education can help prepare you for an exciting and fulfilling career.

With its dual mission of serving participating high school students by providing a one-day college readiness experience and of serving UB employees by providing a University-sponsored volunteer opportunity, the Academy fosters the University’s commitment to regional stewardship by making a positive difference in the lives of Baltimore’s young people. Survey results indicate overwhelmingly that HEROES effectively achieves its dual mission.

The Office of Government and Public Affairs thanks the UB community for their participation.  Your contribution enriched the college aspirations of over 1000 Baltimore high school students who were fascinated by the entire UB experience.

HEROES Academy group photo

Last Published 6/28/17