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For further information about initiatives produced during the legislative session, or for a search engine of all legislation introduced by the state legislature, visit the Maryland General Assembly's website.

The 2017 Maryland General Assembly Session convened on Jan. 11, 2017 and ends at midnight on April 10, 2017.

UB Testimony

University of Baltimore - FY 2018 Capital Budget Testimony

Budget Bills 

SB170/HB150 - making the proposed appropriations contained in the State Budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018.  

SB171/HB151Authorizing the creation of a State Debt in the amount of $1,013,267,000, the proceeds to be used for specified necessary building, construction, demolition, planning, renovation, conversion, replacement, and capital equipment purchases of the State

SB172/HB152Authorizing or altering the distribution of specified revenue; altering or repealing specified required appropriations; authorizing the use of specified funds for specified purposes; altering the Special Fund from which a specified racing purse and a related bonus award program is funded; providing a specified amount of aid to specified institutions; altering a specified rate increase for community service providers; limiting increases in specified mandated spending; etc.

Higher Education Bills 

HB 159 - Weapons Free Higher Education Zones - Prohibiting the carrying or possession of specified firearms on the property of public institutions of higher education; providing for specified exceptions to the prohibition; and requiring a public institution of higher education to post signs in prominent locations on the property of the public institution of higher education, including at entrances to and exits from the property, designed to provide notice of the prohibition of the possession of firearms.

HB 224 - AmeriCorps Program Participants - In-State Tuition - Waiving the residency requirement for in-State tuition purposes at a public senior higher education institution in the State for an individual who has completed an AmeriCorps Program in the State; and establishing specified circumstances when a student is responsible for paying in-State tuition.

HB 266/SB 327 - Financial Aid - Reduction Restrictions - Regulating how public senior higher education institutions may adjust funds awarded by the institution when the total amount of financial aid awarded to a student exceeds the student's demonstrated financial need; authorizing financial aid awarded by a public senior higher education institution to be reduced only under specified circumstances and up to a specified amount; prohibiting financial aid awarded by a public senior higher education institution from being reduced under specified circumstances; etc.

HB 399/SB 320 - Student Debt Relief Act of 2017 - Allowing a subtraction modification under the State income tax for the amount of interest paid by a qualified taxpayer on qualified student loans; requiring the Comptroller to adopt specified regulations; applying the Act to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2017; etc.

HB 437/SB 202 - University System of Maryland - Quasi-Endowment Funds - Authorizing the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland to make a one-time transfer of no more than $50,000,000 from the State-supported fund balance to a quasi-endowment fund; and limiting the use of specified proceeds for facility renewal projects relating only to capital facilities used for State-supported activities.

HB 509/SB 429 - Higher Education - Student Loan Notification Letter - Requiring institutions of higher education that receive State funds to provide specified information to students regarding their education loans; requiring the education loan information to be provided annually, concurrent with the student's first tuition bill of a calendar year; providing that the information shall include specified assumptions and may include specified statements; prohibiting an institution of higher education from incurring a specified liability; etc.

HB 694/SB 543 - Higher Education - Admissions Process - Criminal History (Maryland Fair Access to Education Act of 2017) - Prohibiting  specified institutions of higher education from inquiring into or considering information about the criminal history of applicants unless the specified institution knows or should know that the crime is ongoing; allowing specified institutions of higher education to inquire into or consider the criminal history of students for purposes of campus residency and deciding whether students may participate in specified activities or aspects of campus life; etc.

HB 967/SB 424 - The Textbook Cost Savings Act of 2017 - Requiring the Governor to include $100,000 in the State budget for fiscal year 2019 for the purpose of providing a grant to the William E. Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation at the University System of Maryland for the Maryland Open Source Textbook Initiative; requiring the Center and the State Department of Education to explore jointly the possibility of providing access to these types of learning materials and resources to students in primary and secondary education; etc.

HB 1135 - Public Institutions of Higher Education - Instructors - Expressions of Opinion - Requiring a specified instructor of a course related to civics, history, government, social studies, or political science to teach the course in a fair and balanced manner that does not reflect the instructor's personal philosophical agenda, bias, or political opinion; requiring each public institution of higher education to establish an Office of the Ombudsman; providing for the responsibilities and duties of the Office; etc.

HB 1142 - Public Senior Institutions of Higher Education - Disciplinary Proceedings - Students and Student Organizations - Establishing the right to an attorney or a nonattorney advocate for a student or student organization at a disciplinary proceeding or other procedure designed to address a violation of the rules of public senior higher education institutions; requiring represented persons to pay for the attorney or nonattorney advocate; authorizing the attorney or nonattorney advocate to participate throughout the disciplinary proceedings, including by performing specified services; establishing the right to appeal disciplinary decisions; etc.

HB 1205 - Public Institutions of Higher Education - Access of Students to Emergency Contraception - Requiring a public institution of higher education to require a student health center to provide during the regular hours of operation of the student health center on-site access to specified emergency contraception and contraceptive counseling or referrals for contraceptive counseling to other qualified health care providers; requiring a public institution of higher education to ensure the availability of specified emergency contraception at all times; etc.

HB 1250 - Higher Education - Student Government - Collective Bargaining - Removing student employees at the University System of Maryland, Morgan State University, St. Mary's College of Maryland, and Baltimore City Community College from the list of employees who are ineligible to engage in collective bargaining.

HB 1595/SB 1127 - Baltimore City Community College - Restructuring - Repealing the Board of Trustees of Baltimore City Community College; establishing the Restructuring Board of Baltimore City Community College; transferring the powers and duties of the Board of Trustees to the Restructuring Board; requiring the Restructuring Board to select a new president and develop a strategic plan on or before December 1, 2018, make workforce development and job placement top educational priorities, improve student pathways to success, and align the budget with realistic enrollment projections; etc.

SB 1173 - Higher Education Degree and Job Certification Without Debt Act of 2017 - Requiring the Governor to include $250,000 in the State budget for fiscal years 2019 through 2023 for the Maryland Higher Education Commission to establish a near completer communication campaign; requiring the Commission to develop and implement a specified Web-based match program for near completers; establishing the Maryland Community College Promise Program to provide an opportunity for community college students to earn an associate's degree or certificate debt free; etc.

Other Bills 

HB 1/SB 230 - Maryland Healthy Working Families Act - Requiring employers that employ 15 or more employees to provide employees with earned sick and safe leave that is paid at the same wage rate as the employee normally earns; requiring employers with 14 or fewer employees to provide an employee with unpaid earned sick and safe leave; providing for the manner in which earned sick and safe leave is accrued; authorizing an employee to work additional hours or trade shifts with another employee under specified circumstances; applying the Act prospectively; etc.

HB 1325/SB 740 - Hydraulic Fracking - Prohibition - Prohibiting a person from engaging in the hydraulic fracturing of a well for the exploration or production of oil or natural gas in the State; repealing a provision of law that requires the Department of the Environment to adopt specified regulations; and repealing a provision of law that prohibits the Department from issuing a specified permit until October 1, 2017.


Last Published 3/15/17