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Stars in Excellence

The Stars in Excellence Program is a method of special recognition of excellent work performance by our staff and faculty at the University of Baltimore

The purpose of this program is to give employees immediate feedback on their performance in a way that will identify and encourage a range of superior work performance that we wish to promote in the UB community.

All regular and contingent II employees are eligible for on-the-spot recognition. An employee may receive as many recognitions as are warranted in a year.

How it Works:

The manager/supervisor will present the employee with a Star Note and “You are a Star” candy whenever the employee performs in ways that deserve special merit.

When an employee accumulates 5 of the Star Notes he or she will select a five star item at a monthly “Recognition Hour” sponsored by HR.

When an employee accumulates 10 star notes he or she can choose a 10 star item and will be presented with a “Stars in Excellence” Certificate by their division head during a regular staff meeting. The names of employees presented with a Certificate will be displayed on the recognition board.

Sample Criteria

Managers/Supervisors provide on the spot recognition to employees for:

  • Quick turnaround of a priority work assignment with accuracy and outstanding quality.
  • Effort above and beyond work requirements to assist a customer or student.
  • Helping a co-worker in a way that goes beyond usual work expectations.
  • Designing and implementing an operational improvement or innovation
  • Improving teamwork by contributing to strengthened relationships and achieving optimal results through encouragement and positive reinforcement.
  • Taking responsibility to achieve a common goal or purpose

Managers/Supervisors will:

  1. Do it now: provide on-the-spot recognition in a manner that promotes the timely recognition of employee performance.
  2. Make it public: identify deserving employees for on-the-spot recognition and keep log of the on-the-spot recognition granted and the reason.
  3. Recognize employee for specific achievement.
  4. Ensure equity in the distribution of recognition.
  5. Be specific on the star note (“You really made a difference by….” “I’m impressed with …..”, “You can be proud of yourself for……”)

Human Resources Staff will:

  1. Provide manager/supervisors with Star Notes, and a small inventory of “You are a Star candy”
  2. Keep inventory of items for 5 and 10 star recognition.
  3. Sponsor a monthly “Recognition Hour” to recognize 5 an 10 stars recipients.
  4. Provide training and support to managers/supervisors as needed.