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The UB / MTA Transit Discount Program

Ten minutes will save you money!

Maryland Transit Administration in partnership with University of Baltimore is excited to offer a pre-tax transit discount program to regular faculty and staff. Through this program employees pay for MTA passes and MARC vouchers via monthly pre-tax salary deductions.

Enrollment in the program is open until March of the program year. Below is an example of the the cost and savings:

Monthly Transit Pass Cost

Income Tax Bracket*

Monthly Savings Estimate

Annual Savings Estimate**













*  Calculate your tax rate using your pay stub. Add your state and  federal income taxes only and divide that number by your total income. The answer is your tax rate.
**  Calculated based on a TEN (10) month program.

How the Program Works

  • Enrollment in the program is open until March of the program year.
  • This form enrolls you in the program for the remainder of the program year,and authorizes the pre-tax deduction that coincides with your selection on the form.
  • In the 2016-17 program your first deduction will be August 16. There will be three payroll deductions in January. There will be two deductions per month for the remainder of the program year.
  • Once enrolled, pick up your monthly pass /voucher at the Office of Human Resources.
  • Your deductions end June 1 and you will receive your last pass/voucher in June.
  • Details and Requirements of the Program

    • You must commit to participate in the program for at least two consecutive months. 
    • A minimum of 20 UB employees must enroll before September of each program year for this benefit to continue.
    • After two months if you to wish to cancel your participation, you need to submit a new form to cancel payroll deductions.
    • The cost of the monthly MTA pass/voucher you select will be deducted from your paycheck in equal bi-weekly deductions (twice per month).
    • Deductions occur before your earnings are taxed. This reduces your taxable income, saving you money.
    • Participation may NOT be discontinued during the winter holiday break.
    • MTA rates are subject to change.
Last Published 7/22/16