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The UB / MTA Transit Discount Program

Ten minutes will save you money!

Maryland Transit Administration in partnership with University of Baltimore is excited to offer a pre-tax transit discount program to regular faculty and staff. Through this program employees pay for MTA passes and MARC vouchers via monthly pre-tax salary deductions.

Enrollment in the program is open until March of the program year. Below is an example of the the cost and savings:

Monthly Transit Pass Cost Income Tax Bracket* Monthly Savings Estimate Annual Savings Estimate**
$68.00 15% $10.20 $102.00
$68.00 25% $17.00 $170.00
$68.00 35% $23.80 $238.00

*Calculate your tax rate using your pay stub. Add your state and federal income taxes only and divide that number by your total income. The answer is your tax rate.

**Calculated based on a 10 month program.

How the Program Works

  • Enrollment in the program is open until March of the program year.
  • This form enrolls you in the program for the remainder of the program year,and authorizes the pre-tax deduction that coincides with your selection on the form.
  • In the 2015 program your first deduction will be September 9. There will be three payroll deductions in December. There will be two deductions per month for the remainder of the program year.
  • Once enrolled, pick up your monthly pass /voucher at the Office of Human Resources.
  • Your deductions end June 1 and you will receive your last pass/voucher in June.
  • Details and Requirements of the Program

    • You must commit to participate in the program for at least two consecutive months. 
    • A minimum of 20 UB employees must enroll before September of each program year for this benefit to continue.
    • After two months if you to wish to cancel your participation, you need to submit a new form to cancel payroll deductions.
    • The cost of the monthly MTA pass/voucher you select will be deducted from your paycheck in equal bi-weekly deductions (twice per month).
    • Deductions occur before your earnings are taxed. This reduces your taxable income, saving you money.
    • Participation may NOT be discontinued during the winter holiday break.
    • MTA rates are subject to change.
Last Published 10/2/15