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Employee Recognition

Recognizing employees' accomplishments and service is a fundamental characteristic of a great place to work environment. Even a simple word of acknowledgment can boost morale.

Staff awards offer another opportunity for noting an employee's dedication and efforts. Do you know someone worthy of special recognition?

  • USM Board of Regents' Staff Awards

    A University System of Maryland Board of Regents' (BOR) Staff Award is the highest honor bestowed by the BOR for achievements of exempt and non-exempt employees from USM institutions, who have demonstrated excellence in one of the following categories:

    Exceptional contribution to the institution and/or unit to which the person belongs

    Outstanding service to students in an academic or residential environment

    Extraordinary public service to the university or the greater community

    Effectiveness and efficiency regarding an academic or administrative transformation

    Inclusion, Multiculturalism, and Social Justice 

    There are two (2) awards given for each of the five categories – one for exempt staff and one for non-exempt staff.  In the Effectiveness and efficiency category an award can be given to two exempt or two non-exempt staff employees or one exempt and one non-exempt, a total of ten (10) awards.  Winners receive $2000 stipend and a plaque.

    For more information and to nominate a colleague, please refer to the nomination packet

    If you would like a sample of the completed nomination packets of previous award winners, please contact Rebecca Spence.

  • UB Staff Recognition Awards

    In keeping with our strategic goals of:

    enhancing the learning experience at UB,

    growing enrollment to serve state educational and workforce needs,

    achieving national ranking and recognition in select academic areas, and

    securing the necessary resources to fully implement and support the University of Baltimore's overarching vision,

    the purpose of UB Staff Recognition Awards is to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of outstanding and exceptional contributors to UB's mission and vision. Separate and distinct from other forms of recognition and awards, the UB Staff Recognition Awards annually honor up to three (3) exempt and three (3) non-exempt staff award recipients in each of the following categories:

    Outstanding service to the UB community

    This award focuses on staff members who excel in all aspects of their positions, who possess excellent work ethic and have extraordinary impact within the department as a role model, connecting with students, staff, faculty, and administrators. These individuals not only exceed performance expectations within the department, but also interact and provide outstanding and ongoing excellence in services to faculty, staff, students and/or other customers; colleagues who create positive impressions of their department by their spirit of service, interaction with others, and impact outside of the department.

    Exceptional contribution to the mission of the university

    This award focuses on staff members who, through the use of new processes, approaches, or technologies, demonstrate outstanding creativity in addressing challenges that are linked to UB's mission and reputation, and/or allow UB, as a whole, to operate more efficiently and effectively.  These individuals not only exceed performance expectations within the department, but also enhance the quality of work-life in ways that make a significant difference for colleagues or customers through their development of creative solutions to problems that result in significantly more effective and efficient department or university operations.

    Extraordinary public service to UB and the greater community

    This award focuses on staff members who demonstrate concern and commitment to fulfilling needs and ensuring satisfaction when they provide services to the public and larger community of Baltimore that reflects favorably on UB.  These individuals facilitate and engage in mutually beneficial partnerships and community engagement that increases the understanding of, and present solutions to challenges faced by both the University and the community in which we live and thrive, resulting in making the lives of our students, faculty, staff and greater community better.

    For more information and to nominate a colleague, please refer to the nomination packet.

  • Service Awards Program

    The University of Baltimore is proud to recognize the dedicated commitment and years of service of its employees. The Service Awards Program provides a formal recognition of employee service at designated service levels (every 5 years of service).

    The awards program is an annual event, attended by the University president and the employees achieving a service level. The Office of Human Resources works closely with the Office of University Relations to coordinate this event including the invitation of honorees and invited guests.


    Service awards are conferred to all regular employees, contingent II employees, and all regular faculty.

    Contingent I employees, student employees, and adjunct faculty are not eligible for service awards.

    Recognition and Calculation of Service Levels

    Employee service levels are recognized in 5 year increments, starting with 5 years of service. Service levels are determined by the year in which the anniversary occurs, not necessarily the actual date of the anniversary.  For example, an employee reaching 5 years of service at any point in 2014 will receive their service anniversary award that year, regardless of whether their anniversary is before or after the awards ceremony. Contingent II service time that immediately precedes (uninterrupted) any regular employment service and all regular employment service will count towards the determination of service years.  Employees in these categories must have active employment each year not less than 9 months per year to count that year towards UB service credit.  Contingent I, adjunct faculty, and student employee service time does not apply to the calculation of UB service credit.

    Service Award

    Employees celebrating a service anniversary will be provided with a University-sponsored gift and certificate commemorating their service.

  • Annual Employee Recognition Day

    The Annual Employee Recognition Day celebration honors the hard work of all faculty and staff. It is a casual event with great food that allows our employees to mingle, relax and have fun with music, games, prizes and more. 

Employee Service Recognition Ceremony Videos

2015 ceremony

2014 ceremony

2013 ceremony

Last Published 10/16/17