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Performance Management

An effective performance management system establishes an understanding of direction, focus and accountability through dialogue between staff and manager.  A value-added performance management process (PMP) succeeds at providing important feedback, measurement and coaching information that pinpoints the alignment of each staff member's performance outcomes with institutional goals and objectives.  

Employee Key Due Dates


Sworn Police Officers:  March 31

Exempt:  February 28 

Non-Exempt:  February 28

Contingent II:  February 28

Note:  Contingent I employees do not require an annual appraisal.  

UB's performance appraisal form helps both staff and management identify, discuss and evaluate measureable performance standards, goals and objectives.

A signed performance appraisal form is required for:

  • Sworn Police Officers
  • Regular Exempt Employees
  • Regular Non-Exempt Employees
  • Contingent II Employees

Contingent II contracts will not be renewed on July 1 without a satisfactory performance appraisal.  Contingent I Employees do not require a formal performance appraisal.  

Please note:  Per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for non-exempt employees, if the employee's performance jeopardizes eligibility for a merit increase, the supervisor informs the employee as soon as possible prior to the formal performance review.  If a non-exempt employee is receiving a rating of unsatisfactory performance, the PMP must be completed by February 28.


Last Published 11/5/16