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The Work Number

The University of Baltimore has contracted with The Work Number, owned and operated by Equifax, to provide employment and income verification for current and previous UB employees. This confidential and secure service is used for mortgage applications, reference checks, loan applications, apartment lease applications, or any reason you may have to verify your University of Baltimore employment and/ or income information.

How It Works

    • For Employment Verification

      The Work Number(TWN) allows a prospective employer to view your employment information online. No income information is viewable.

      Contact Human Resources: (410)-837-5410 or  You will be provided with the UB Employer Code and additional information for obtaining your employment information on TWN,

  • For Income and Employment Verification


    No one is allowed to view your income without your permission. Only you can grant permission to see income information by creating a salary key you request on the TWN website.

    Contact Human Resources: (410)-837-5410 or to receive instruction on how to create a salary key, as well as what information will need to be provided to the verifier.


Last Published 12/6/16