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Web Timesheet Submission Schedule

The Web Timesheet Submission Schedule includes:

  • Pay Cycle Begin Date
  • Pay Cycle End Date
  • Web Timesheet Due Date
  • Pay Date

Remember the following schedule:

  • Employee timesheets due 9 a.m.
  • Timekeeper review and submission due 10 a.m.
  • Time manager review and approval due 11 a.m.

Time and Leave Management

The University of Baltimore practices proactive timekeeping meaning that all staff members are required to record time worked and time not worked. Specifically, time management responsibilities are as follows:

  • Employee Responsibilities

    Enter the hours worked and paid leave hours daily

    Complete the timesheet according to the timesheet schedule

    Submit appropriate documentation when required

    Obtain prior approval by the supervisor for use of leave and overtime

    Review the timesheet to ensure it is correct

    Non-exempt employees must record daily time, enter in/out time, enter at least ½ hour break for lunch if work day is 6 hours or more and enter 40 hours each week, if 100% FTE

    Exempt employees must enter 40 hours each week, if 100% FTE

  • Timekeeper Responsibilities

    Main point of contact for employees' time reporting questions/guide to new employees

    Answer questions regarding leave usage and work hours

    Ensure timesheets are submitted according to schedule

    Review timesheets prior to submission to supervisor

    Make timesheet entries/corrections when necessary

    Communicate with HR and Payroll

    Review leave balance and usage when requested

    Maintain confidentiality

  • Time Manager Responsibilities

    Authorize time worked for all employees supervised

    Approve overtime in advance

    Must approve overtime if it is worked

    Authorize time away from work

    Review employee's leave usage – monitor abuse of leave

    Complete/edit timesheet as needed

    Ensure employees provide documentation

    Timesheet will not be submitted to Payroll without time manager approval

    Time manager may approve without timekeeper OK

Last Published 10/2/15