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UB FY18 Furlough Plan

To meet UB’s fiscal challenges, the University has implemented a number of budget initiatives, including a hiring freeze, travel restrictions, limits on departmental spending, reductions to Executive Team members’ salaries, and employee salary reductions and furlough days. 


Plan Details

There are two elements to the furlough plan:

  • Employee salary reductions correlating to furlough days assigned by salary level
  • Salary reductions for Executive Team members


Furlough Days by Salary Level

Furlough days are allocated based on salary, as indicated in the chart below.


Salary Range 

Number of Furlough Days

Percent of pay reduction

Below $25,000 - $54,999



$55,000 - $59,999



$60,000 - $69,999



$70,000 - $79,999



$80,000 - $99,999



$100,000 - $119,999



$120,000 - $149,999



$150,000 - $174,999



$175,000 and above




Impact on Pay

To limit the impact on any one pay check, pay reductions from the furlough days will be distributed in equal amounts over 19 pay periods.  This will begin with pay period ending October 10, 2017 (pay date October 18th) and end pay period ending June 19, 2018 (pay date June 27th).

The calculation used is:

(Annual Salary / 260 work days) * Number of days in the chart above = total salary reduction
The reduction in each pay check will be the total salary reduction / 19 pay periods

 Example:  $80,000 salary

($80,000 / 260) * 6 = $1846.15 total salary reduction
$1846.15 / 19 pay periods = $97.17 per pay period 


Scheduling Furlough Days

Employees must obtain supervisor approval when scheduling furlough days to ensure continued operations.  The total number of furlough hours will be loaded into each employee’s leave balance at the top of their timesheet.  This will be done by Friday, September 29th.  Employees will enter leave code FUR on their timesheet to record when furlough leave is taken. 


Executive Salary Reductions

Executive Team members (President, Provost, Vice Presidents and Deans) will take a higher salary reduction than the highest reduction to staff and faculty.  These reductions range from 5-15% depending on salary level.


Furlough Exclusions

The following groups are excluded from furloughs or salary reductions:

  • Employees earning less than $55,000 / year
  • Non-exempt employees
  • University police officers and security guards
  • Full or partially grant funded employees
  • Employees with H1B visa authorization to work
  • New hires whose start date was on or after September 1, 2017



Additional information is posted at:


If you have questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

Last Published 9/25/17