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Employee and Labor Relations

Each UB faculty and staff member has an important role in making our campus community a unique, exciting and innovative workplace of choice. Maintaining productive and positive relationships is key in empowering our workforce to accomplish UB’s mission and vision.

Employee and Labor Relations are committed, through collaboration, influence and development, to empower and support these aspirational partnership and working relationships. Providing information and partnering in the development of workforce management programs that align with UB’s commitment to building a great workplace is the primary focus of this HR service and is reflected in our:

  • Questions about employee and labor relations?

    Rebecca Spence
    senior labor relations leader/ hr business partner consultant

    Reviewing and interpreting USM and UB workforce policies and procedures.
  • Interpreting various federal, state and institutional workforce rules and regulations such as:
    • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and USM/UB leave policies
    • Workplace safety, injury and illness policies
    • American With Disabilities (ADA)
    • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
    • Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (AA/EO)
  • Improving and developing proactive dialogue between leadership, faculty and staff
  • Providing guidance for handling difficult workplace situations and conflicts
  • Providing guidance and counsel to staff considering a career change decision.

For more specific information on workforce policies and procedures, please click on the applicable link for either non-represented and AFSCME represented staff. If you are interested in learning more about the services listed above, you are encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources.