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Adjunct Faculty

Congratulations on joining the UB team. We value our adjunct faculty as integral to the teaching mission of UB. If you have been offered an adjunct faculty position, by now you are probably in touch with the hiring manager for your school or department. Most of the employment details will be handled between you and them. However, you are welcome to contact the Office of Human Resources if you need additional assistance.

To help you settle in, we've gathered some frequently asked questions and answers relating to adjunct faculty employment matters. Click a question to view the answer.


  • What paperwork does a new adjunct need to complete?

    All forms required by HR are listed in the Hiring Forms Checklist . New adjunct faculty will work with the school's hiring manager to complete the forms. Your department may have additional information or forms.

  • I'm returning for another semester, do I complete the same paperwork/forms?

    No. Returning adjunct complete a new contract and, if applicable, a secondary employment form. Visit the Hiring Forms Checklist for the latter. The hiring manager will provide the new contract for you to sign.

  • I live in another state and will be teaching an online class. Do I need to come in person to fill out an I-9?

    When a new adjunct lives in another state and is not required to come to campus for any other reasons, arrangements are made through the hiring department to obtain a notarized submission for the I-9. Human Resources provides the necessary instructions and forms to the hiring manager.

  • Can adjunct faculty work more than one job at UB at the same time?

    Yes. Faculty can teach for more than one school or work as a UB employee. Depending on your situation, you may need to complete a Secondary Employment form.

  • I'm a full time employee at UB. Can I also teach a course at UB or another campus?

    Yes. If you accept any type of employment with another State agency or a second job within UB, you must complete a Secondary Employment Form for that location and return a copy for your file at UB. You should also be aware of Adjunct Faculty policies.

  • Do I fill out a timesheet to be paid?

    No. During the spring and fall semesters, adjunct are paid three times throughout the semester or once each month, given the contract is submitted to the Office of Human Resources by the beginning of the semester. When teaching a summer course, you are paid once. Pay Schedules with dates are posted on the Payroll department's site.

  • Can I get a UB ID?

    Yes. Please follow the instructions on University Police's ID page.

  • Are adjunct faculty eligible for health insurance, life insurance  or retirement benefits?

    Adjunct faculty are eligible to enroll in group health insurance benefits at full cost, as well as accidental death and dismemberment insurance, term life insurance, long term disability program and tax deferred supplemental retirement plans.

  • Do adjunct faculty have access to any type of benefits through UB?


    • Use of the UB Recreation and Wellness Center
    • Library privileges
    • Eligibility to join SECU, the State Employees' Credit Union
    • Direct deposit for paychecks
  • Is an adjunct contract renewed every semester?

    Adjunct contracts are not automatically renewed. The hiring department determines if the adjunct faculty member will be asked back for the next semester.

  • If my adjunct contract is not renewed, can I apply for unemployment?

    You are able to apply for unemployment. University of Baltimore makes no decisions on who receives unemployment benefits.

  • Do I get any paid vacation, sick, or holiday time?


  • Who does an adjunct faculty member contact if they have a grievance?