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Pay Check

Frequently Asked Questions List

  • When do I get my first paycheck?

    The date of your first paycheck is determined by: the comptroller's pay schedules, your start date, and when all your employment paperwork is submitted. In general it takes two weeks to process your paperwork for payroll. If you submit your paperwork at least two weeks prior to your start date, your first pay check should be issued on the pay date corresponding to the pay period you started. (See the relevant pay schedules for dates.)

  • Who do I call if I have paycheck questions?

    The UB Payroll Office at 410.837.4852.

    The Office of Human Resources can answer general payroll and paycheck questions, but the payroll office is better equipped to handle specific questions.

  • Am I required to enroll in direct deposit?

    Contingent II, non-exempt staff, exempt staff, and faculty are required to use direct deposit. Additional information about direct deposit is available on Central Payroll's Online Service Center help section.

  • How do I enroll in direct deposit?

    Visit the HR Forms page to print the direct deposit form. Fill out the form completely and submit to HR. Please be sure to record the correct routing and bank account number.

  • My salary seems less than what I was offered when hired as an exempt employee. Why?

    The State of Maryland pays both non-exempt and exempt employees using a reciprocal method of payment, as follows

    1. Multiply the annual salary by the fraction .038356= bi-weekly pay
    2. Divide the annual salary by the fraction 26.071428 = bi-weekly pay (this is the formula for non-leap years)
    3. Divide the annual salary by the fraction 26.142857 = bi-weekly pay (for leap years)
    4. Faculty is not affected by this formula. Bi-weekly payments are based upon the annual salary divided by 21 or by 26.