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Senior Counselor, Admissions


Vacancy Number 300805

Position Type: Regular, full-time exempt position with full, competitive benefits package
Opens: 06/29/17     Closes: 07/27/17

Salary: $46,500- $54,700

The Senior Counselor in the Office of Admission at the University of Baltimore is responsible for meeting new student enrollment targets to a select or cross-section of constituents including, but not limited to: diverse, domestic and international freshman, transfer, graduate, military-connected and adult students by fostering interest, generating applications and rendering decisions. Committed to current best practices, the Senior Counselor is a member of at least one major professional association, including but not limited to; AACRAO, NACAC, College Board, NAFSA, etc., is knowledgeable about pre- and early college programs, in- and out-of-state residency policies, financial aid, campus life, advising, registration and academic programs and skilled in building brand awareness, attracting, recruiting, admitting and optimizing enrollment for multiple student types and across multiple academic programs. The Senior Counselor has breadth and depth in skills relating to database use, electronic workflow, and project management, collaboration tools, ERP, CRM, Image Now, People Soft, Target X, Sales Force, Zoom, Adobe and marketing.    Ease in making formal and informal presentations to all audiences including: high school college or guidance counselors, transfer coordinators, career services directors, deans, presidents, business administrators and first generation students and families. The Senior Counselor is assigned a roster of high schools, community colleges, colleges and universities and community-based organizations via a travel and event schedule that meets students, existing and potential feeder institutions where they are and recognizes the need for flexible work hours.

Key Functions/Responsibilities/Tasks
Utilizing existing technology and knowledge of market and enrollment trends, assist in development of recruitment plan and coordination of activities of entire admission office. Provide leadership to track ROI on said activities, institute responsive interventions as needed and achieve tuition-revenue goals for new students. Make recommendations regarding optimizing use of existing and new technology, and provide training and guidance to key internal partners. Role model best practices in data integrity, importing/exporting, data fixes, modifications and writing queries. Cultivate prospective students from inquiry through the start of class while developing new, and stewarding existing, internal and external ties. Represent admission at internal and external meetings, and monitor, and provide suggestions for improving and facilitating work flow for admission operations. Work with all, including, but not limited to: the Enrollment Management and Marketing division, Deans, program directors, advisors, faculty, staff, businesses, nonprofits, alumni, high schools, online institutions, professional associations, community colleges, colleges and universities, and community-based, and other organizations that serve the college bound to broaden, diversify and strengthen the prospective student pipeline.

Serve as a leader for the entire office by playing a critical role in the orientation, training, on-boarding and continued integration of new staff, participating in the hiring process as needed, helping to recruit, train, and supervise all work-study and other student staff, tour guides and ambassadors; reviewing applications for admission, communicating admission policies and procedures and resolving exceptional applicant problems. Play a role in the development, scheduling, tracking and reporting on compelling advertising, print, web and email communication designed to move students along the enrollment process with such timeliness as to provide UB a point of distinction and competitive edge. Assist with drafting, editing, and updating communication to prospective students, including, but not limited to presentations, tour scripts, self-guided tours, transfer guides, marketing materials, and telephone scripts, ad hoc and annual reports. Plans strategically for the long-term with a holistic view of live and virtual events, social media, engagement, and communication across all channels including mail, telephone and SMS (text). Serves as a role model for all other staff, and as such should be experienced at a public, tuition-driven institution (or a comparable situation) in illustrating their individual impact in increasing enrollment at prior institutions.  Works with community colleges especially as it pertains to articulating coursework. Manages a front office and supervises staff, federal work study and other student workers. 

Ensure enrollment is optimized across targeted segments and across academic programs by developing unique goals, strategies and communication for undergraduate, graduate, full-time, part-time, Asian, Black, Latino, Native American, multi-racial, LGBTQA, adult, evening, weekend, online, freshman, transfer, military-connected and DACA students paying close attention to diversification regarding geography, socio-economic status, academic interest, potential and talent. Initiate and maintaining communication with individual prospects and applicants, those that serve them and those that influence their decision to enroll at a particular university.  Conduct virtual, on and off-campus recruitment and maintains appointment schedule.
Required Education and Experience
Education:  Baccalaureate degree in Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Psychology, Public Administration, Business, Communications or related field/discipline that coordinates with/applies to the responsibilities of the position

Experience:  Four years professional and progressively responsible experience in admission, sales, marketing or related field/discipline. 

Preferred Education and Experience
Education:  Master’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Psychology, Business or related field. 
Experience:  Five years of experience in admission in a higher education institution.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Experience with student information systems, customer/constituent relationship management systems, e-applications, and online forms and presentation/meeting platforms.  Ability to lead and act as a team member in a changing environment and support leadership efforts to promote strategic plans, and enrollment goals.  Excellent communication skills, including demonstrated skill in oral and written expression of information, ideas, and policies with ability to inspire an audience to action.  Ability to adapt to the University style guide and the preferred AP format.  The SC is able to work with diverse populations and has a proactive customer service orientation that anticipates customer needs. The SC is able to creatively solve problems, and has demonstrated skill in managing office and institutional knowledge for best practice succession planning.  Knowledge of partnerships with MD Regional Higher Education Learning Centers like the Universities at Shady Grove is a plus.  Valid State of Maryland driver’s license and willingness to travel.   Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite programs.  Experience processing I-20’s, as a Designated School Official and/or experience with SEVIS is preferred.
Requires evening coverage, occasional weekends, as well as flexible scheduling during peak recruitment times.


The University of Baltimore ("UB" or "University") does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, age, disability, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other legally protected characteristics in its programs, activities or employment practices. UB is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA Compliant Employer & Title IX Institution.

We appreciate your interest in our recruitment. Please review the information below before you visit to apply.

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Applicant Instructions: Using Candidate Gateway to View and Apply for UB Vacancies
The Candidate Gateway system serves as your connection to the University of Baltimore’s job application process. It is a free, safe and secure way for you to apply for the job you want, and it allows the Office of Human Resources to maintain accurate records. Your use of the system does not require you to surrender any of your rights to privacy or confidentiality during the application process. Only qualified members of UB’s Human Resources team and members of the relevant search committee can access your application information. The search committee will not have access to any information you provide to HR for affirmative action reporting purposes.

Please read and print the information below before you apply, and refer to it as you enter your application.


Before you apply:
• Save a single PDF or Word file with your cover letter, resume, and any additional information you would like to have considered.
When you apply:
• In Candidate Gateway: Click “Browse” to access the Word or PDF document you saved with all of your documents.
• Then, click “Upload” to attach it.
• Click “Continue” to continue the application process.

Each page shows this display:
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Click “Save” to save the data you entered on that page. The message “You have successfully submitted your job application.” confirms only that you entered that page of information into the system. You must click “Next” to continue and complete the entire application process.

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• For country, enter USA or click the hourglass to select another country.
• You can use the first day of the month wherever dates are required.
• Click the plus sign to the left of "References" to enter two professional references.
• After you enter your education information and references, click “Save,” then click “Next.”
3. How did you find out about us/how did you find out about the job?
• After you enter this information, click “Save,” then click “Next.”
4. Online Questionnaire/Application Questionnaire: Answer the questions requiring a yes or no response. After you answer them, click “Submit.” This leads you to the Submit Online Application page.

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Note: This screen will also show additional information about the selection process and Office of Human Resources contact information.

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External applicants: Review the vacancy announcement at and click the external applicant link to apply.
Internal applicants (students taking classes at UB and current employees) with login and password for MyUB: use the internal applicant link, log into My UB, then click the “View or Apply for Job Positions” link on the left.
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UB is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA Compliant Employer & Title IX Institution.
The University of Baltimore ("UB" or "University") does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, age, disability, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other legally protected characteristics in its programs, activities or employment practices.

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