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Associate Director, Financial Aid Services

Financial Aid Office

Vacancy Number 300433

Position Type: Regular, full-time exempt position with full, competitive benefits package
Opens: 06/16/14     Closes: 07/15/14

Salary: $58,000 - $66,000

As a member of the Enrollment Services leadership team, this position is primarily responsible to provide quality Financial Aid services for students and the UB community. Through daily supervision and direction of staff, management of complex communication, reporting and processes,interpreting and complying with policies and regulations, this position must ensure accurate and timely support of UB’s prospective and current students and high quality response to students’ scholarship and financial aid needs. The incumbent must successfully manage the multiple functions required of these offices to support recruitment, enrollment and retention. As part of the reorganization and combination of Financial Aid, Records and Registration, this position is the lead position for the Office of Financial Aid counseling, but is also responsible to support a seamless, efficient enrollment and retention services delivery model.

Key Functions/Responsibilities/Tasks
Work closely with Enrollment Services and Admission leadership teams to ensure all services and communications related to scholarships and financial aid are accurate and timely. This includes financial aid award and status updates, verification communications, scholarship status updates and communications, timely reminders related to scholarship, grant, and financial aid deadlines/calendars, registration
reminders, graduation, certifications, aid disbursement dates and deadlines, and ongoing proactive outreach to students regarding financial aid and enrollment at UB.

Responsible for building/maintaining quality relationships between prospective/current students and families and UB staff or faculty.

Support, implement, monitor and maintain combined/coordinated/seamless services for FA and Records including:
* Joint institutional enrollment policy and process and impact on financial aid
* (Study abroad, consortium agreement or IIR)
*  Financial aid follow-up as it relates to schedule adjustments or changes of
status (full-time to part-time, withdrawals, etc.).
*  Institutional policy and process (academic progress, SAP, retention, R2T4) as
they impact financial aid.
* Monitoring and reporting on students’ academic progress, retention; financial
aid reductions or loss and the timeliness and implications related to these.
*  Loan eligibility information and in-school deferments; process to defer,
release of defaults, NSLDS reporting

Develop policy and procedures for Financial Aid to monitor staff/student case loads; accuracy of awards, methods to track and monitor awards, removal of awards for non-attendance and overall consistency between financial aid staff. Incorporate documentation within the FA procedures manual. Oversee case loads and assist financial aid staff and counselors as needed. Counsel students and families as
needed and act as the initial contact for situations escalated for supervisory review. Oversee the daily operations of the Office of Financial Aid within Enrollment Services.

Coordinate a consistent approach to awards, appeals, student interaction and communication. Monitor workloads between individuals and between units and adjust as needed to support retention efforts.

Work closely with the Director of Enrollment Services Operations and Technology and with the University Registrar to develop clear and concise systems training sessions and documentation, procedures for inter-office processes such as loan certifications, data entry, enrollment certifications, consortium agreements and interinstitutional registration processing, and general PeopleSoft functional knowledge. In consultation with the AVP and the Senior VP-EMSA, develop priorities and goals for the financial aid office in support of strategic enrollment objectives and the academic mission of the University.

Conduct appropriate research and analysis of Financial Aid policy issues, and be fully informed as to federal and state regulation so that same is imparted accurately to staff. Ensure that all office policies and awarding practices are within the federal and state regulatory requirements and guidelines.

Provide general oversight of the University’s scholarship program establishing appropriate policies and procedures for efficient awarding. Supervise all aspects of scholarship administration.

Communicate with campus community and external audiences regarding financial aid programs and services. Assist Admission Offices and other department with recruitment, retention activities and special events. Schedule staff to be available for special events such as Admissions programs, off-site recruitment events, evening sessions, etc.

Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Accounting, Business or related field

Required Experience: Five years experience in Financial Aid in higher education with two years supervisory experience.

Knowledge of Title IV financial aid programs and COD interface; strong analytical and problem solving skills; ability to detect errors or inconsistent data; strong communication skills; PeopleSoft (Campus Solutions) technical experience; patch/fix testing, process and problem resolution.

Preferred Education: Master’s Degree in Accounting, Business or related field

Preferred Experience: Project management; PeopleSoft systems in higher education in a public 4-year institution

Exceptional organizational skills
Excellent communication skill both written and oral
Ability to manage multiple tasks
Ability to deal with sensitive financial matters related to student enrollment
Ability to work evenings and/or weekends as needed.

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