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Professional Attire Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish standards for professional attire at the University of Baltimore. Appropriate clothing is an important factor in creating an atmosphere that reflects the value of the University to our students and external constituencies. For this reason, the University requires that, at all times, dress be modest, clean and appropriate.

During the summer casual attire is permitted every day. During the academic year casual attire is permitted on Fridays only.

During the academic year, conventional professional attire, and when appropriate, more formal business attire will be required Monday through Thursday. As usual, there is no change in expectations for employees who are required to wear uniforms by University policy.

To assist employees in determining appropriate attire, we hope you will find the following guidelines helpful:

Clothing considered unacceptable

  • Sleeveless shirts/dresses/T-shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Sweatpants/shirts, jogging suits, warm-up suits
  • Casual sandals (jellies, flip flops)
  • Casual Shorts
  • Hiking boots
  • Cropped tops/halter tops/sheer tops
  • Low cut shirts
  • Miniskirts
  • Spandex garments
  • Leggings/stretch pants
  • Any attire with rips or tears

Certain relaxed clothing is acceptable only on Casual Days

  • Denim (any color)
  • Athletic shoes
  • Capri pants/crop pants

Revised March 4, 2011