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Learn how to submit a task request for your data needs

If you want to contact alumni to share information, you must submit a task request through Microsoft Outlook to the Database Manager. As with all data requests, please submit your request at least two weeks before your data is needed.

Include the following information in your request:

  • Record count for printer: due date and staff member to be notified
  • Mailing list: due date, mailing date, and max number of records requested
  • Email blast list: date(s) to send blasts, and sender email address

Supply all criteria for data needed from Raiser's Edge. This criteria is categorized in three ways: include, exclude, and output.

      • Include

        Corresponds to the type of information you want. For example, include all alumni who graduated from the Merrick School of Business starting spring 1990 to the present.

      • Exclude

        Corresponds to the type of information you do not want to pull in your data. For example, we often exclude records marked deceased. Further, if you plan to email alumni, we need to exclude those who "requested no email" to honor their communication preferences.

      • Output

        Corresponds to the data fields you want to view in your spreadsheet. For example, you may want to request the individual's name, grad information (degree & year), and email address.

All email blast content must be provided to the Office of Database Management at least 24 hours before the blast is scheduled to release. Please provide the following information:

  • Image (optional): 100K or less; .jpg format
  • Text (optional): we can add a link to an image, in its entirety
  • Links (optional): links to your online registration page or relevant web pages
  • Subject line (required)
  • Email address (required): used in the "From" field
Last Published 9/1/16