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Alumni Association Sponsorship Program Application

1. Each single or partner constituent requesting funds must submit an online application which will be reviewed by the Sponsorship Program Committee bi-weekly.

2. The application should include an outline of the event/program; how the event/program meets the selection criteria; and a proposed budget.

3. The Committee will make its decision and notify sponsorship applicants within 14 days of the application submission.

4. If approved, sponsorship recipients will receive their funding after the event/program has taken place and once the required forms and attendance lists are submitted.

Criteria for Sponsorship Approval and Amount

  • Effectiveness in reaching a broad or strategically segmented alumni population
  • Degree to which the event or program engages alumni and current students
  • Degree to which the funds are leveraged with University or outside funds
  • Extent to which Alumni Relations staff are consulted and involved in the event or program
  • Level of recognition for UBAA/AR

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Last Published 1/3/17