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Alumni Association Sponsorship Program

The mission of the Sponsorship Program is to partner with faculty, student organizations, program departments, and alumni to provide supplemental funding to support events and programs that correlate with the UBAA's mission and goals. Apply for a sponsorship.

Applications are accepted on behalf of both single and partnering constituents* from the following audiences:

  • Program Departments
  • Faculty
  • Student Organizations
  • Alumni

*A single constituent will represent a single department, office, or individual proposing an initiative (i.e. The Bob Parsons Veterans Center, the Student Events Board OR John Smith, B.A. ’00)

*A partnering constituent will represent multiple departments, offices, or individuals proposing an initiative (i.e. the Student Events Board AND John Smith, B.A. ’00)

Please note the following:

  • No more than one (1) sponsorship is allowed per year.
  • Applications must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the event/program date (unless otherwise discussed with program coordinator).
  • There is a $250 max per sponsorship.
  • Sponsorship funding is coordinated through the event organizer, which must be the program advisor or lead faculty/staff member.
  • The event organizer determines the best method of payment to honor the sponsorship (purchase order, purchasing card, travel reimbursement, etc.).
  • All purchases must be in compliance with all UB Procurement Policies and Procedures.
  • For the sponsorships, the event organizer has to request a budget through their finance department.
  • Sponsorships granted to alumni will be handled directly through the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations.
  • The University of Baltimore Alumni Association (UBAA) must be listed as an “official co-sponsor” of each sponsored initiative.
  • Sponsorship recipients must maintain attendance and/or an alumni volunteer participant list that will be forwarded to the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations no later than one (1) week after the event. The lists should include at least first and last name, degree information, a preferred phone number, and a preferred email address for each participant. Failure to adhere to the list submission timeline may impact reimbursement.

For questions about the UBAA Sponsorship Program, please contact Erica Wienholt at 410.837.5508.


Last Published 1/5/17