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The University of Baltimore Style Guide offers a variety of resources to assist you in producing written and designed print and electronic communications. 

We hope this guide serves as a trusty resource for your work at the University, but if you still have questions about graphic, editorial or web styles after referencing it, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love talking about this.

  • Graphic Identity Guide: a comprehensive resource for UB’s logos, colors and typography, which define and reinforce the University’s brand
  • Editorial Style Guide: an extensive alphabetical listing of important words and phrases—how to spell them, how to use them, when to capitalize them—and fundamental punctuation; also includes lists of UB offices and of buildings and spaces
  • Web Style Guide: outlines web principles and best practices and also provides basic instruction in the use of the University’s content management system
  • UB Voice: some thoughts about our voice, which helps readers understand who we are by expressing our personality and reinforcing our brand
Last Published 3/29/17