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The Office of Marketing and Creative Services has developed templates for all University stationery.

Email Signature

Don't forget that your email serves as electronic stationery.

Learn more about best practices related to your email signature.

To order printed letterhead, business cards or envelopes, contact the Publishing Center. If you need other stationery items, the Marketing and Creative Services staff is available to help you.

All offices, departments, institutes, centers, colleges and schools must use official University letterhead for all University communications. 

Marketing and Creative Services has developed a set of guidelines for how information should appear on University employee and student business cards and on University letterhead and envelopes. These guidelines are shared with the Publishing Center as a resource to facilitate efficiency in processing stationery orders.

Copies of the Business Card and Letterhead Guidelines are available upon request.



Faculty/Staff Business Card

faculty business card

Optional Back of Card

business card back

Student Business Card

student business card

  • Student Business Card Philosophy

    The University of Baltimore makes a template for student business cards available as a service to current students who need them (primarily because they don’t have business cards issued by their employers) and as an act of faith in the quality and professionalism of its students. Business cards are an equal reflection of the individuals whose names appear on them and on the institution that provides them.

    Student business cards are intended to communicate contact information for students only while they hold that position at the University, much as employee business cards are intended to fill the same role for employees only while they are employed by the University. The contact information on the business cards should reflect this, including the email address, which is maintained during students’ tenure at UB. For the same reason, the only “title” information that should appear on the University of Baltimore student business card template is that of “student” (in various approved formats).

    Keep in mind that a business card is not a resume; it serves the purpose of providing contact information, while a resume serves the purpose of providing qualifications and skills of a candidate for employment. Again for the reason indicated above—that University student business cards are intended to represent students only in that specific role at UB—no other degrees, titles, etc. should be listed after students’ names.

    Get started by filling out the appropriate form and submitting it to Copy Cat, our printing vendor. If you are interested in printing business cards with any and all information that you specify, we encourage you to work with Copy Cat to purchase individual business cards that don’t rely on the University of Baltimore student business card template.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of University Relations (410.837.6190).

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Last Published 5/11/17