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The University’s tagline, Knowledge That Works, speaks to who we are.

Since its beginnings, the University has granted educational access to those who otherwise might be denied the opportunity: working adults, first-generation college students and those who require the flexibility not found in traditional college settings. A UB education has always been focused on preparing students to be productive members of the working world and responsible citizens.

The tagline captures the idea that a UB education is immediately applicable, that our brand of teaching is effective and grounded in the real world, and that we emphasize student success in and out of the classroom. It directly supports goals 1 and 2 of the UB strategic plan.

The tagline is a registered service mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It cannot be altered in any way.

University Mark and Signature With Tagline

university tagline

University Mark With Tagline—Vertical

University mark with tagline vertical

University Mark With Tagline—Horizontal

tagline horizontal

University Signature With Tagline

university signature with tagline

Last Published 5/11/17