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Contact us early, so we can begin work on your project as much in advance as possible.

Depending on the size and scope of your project, timeframes for production and delivery will vary. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when considering your project's delivery date.

If you're looking for information about Web projects, check out our Web work process and timelines.

  • Editing

    • Timeframe for requests: two weeks. We can typically complete editing projects in less time, depending on the size and complexity of your project as well as on the number of other projects we have in production, but providing us with two weeks allows us to dedicate the time and attention necessary to your project.
    • We will edit content for grammar, punctuation and the University's editorial style, but note that we are not responsible for rewriting your content; please don't expect us to do that.
    • Check and recheck your content for accuracy; our staff is not responsible for fact-checking.
    • Proofread and run spell check. Please do this before sending written content to our staff for editing.
    • Copy changes and wordsmithing should occur at this stage (and preferably in Word document format) and should be avoided once the project is in design.
    • Review carefully any edits we have made on all proofs you receive. We strive not to introduce any errors when we edit, but we all make mistakes. Your collaboration in carefully reviewing copy during appropriate stages of production helps us create products of the highest quality.
  • Design and Production

    • Timeframe for requests: at least one month, depending on the complexity of your project and on┬áthe number of other projects we have in production. If you're having the project printed, that requires at least 10 working days.
    • Meet the deadlines of the production schedule, which outlines the time necessary for concept development; presentation to the client, if required; and production. Any delays on your end can delay the delivery of your project. We always make every effort to meet our deadlines; if we slip on a deadline, we will nevertheless ensure your project delivers on time.
    • Copy changes should take place prior to the final proof. If additional changes are requested in the final-proof stage, it may delay delivery of your project.
  • Printing

    • Timeframe: generally, 10 working days; however, there are instances when more time is required. Certain factors could increase the timeframe for printing, such as the number of copies requested, special printing processes needed or binding required.
    • Factor in time if the publication is going to a mail house for distribution via U.S. mail. Generally, a mail house needs an additional week to complete the mailing. Remember that printers take vacations, too. If you are planning to print a publication near or during a holiday, factor in more time.
    • Rush jobs, altered production schedules and late changes cost. We carefully develop our production schedule to commit the time necessary to ensure your projects are of the highest quality; last-minute changes to production schedules often mean we're forced to juggle too many projects at once, which can lead to compromised quality. Rush jobs and late changes translate to increased fees from the printer. Please keep this in mind when organizing your projects.

To discuss a new project with us, please fill out the Project Request form. Once we have received the form, our staff will contact you for more information or to schedule a meeting.

Last Published 10/11/16