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University of Baltimore Academic Year Faculty

Payroll/HR Details


All 9.5-month, academic year faculty at the University of Baltimore (UB) are paid year-round. Specifically, faculty are paid in 26 equal installments over 12 months. This practice maintains pay and benefits for regular faculty members throughout the summer months with no change in payroll deductions.

The dates of the academic year change every year. Academic year faculty are expected to work in preparation for the coming academic semester and to work beyond the last day of the semester, closing out grades, completing appeals reviews, performing departmental service, etc. To reduce confusion around the expectation of faculty presence on campus and to establish consistency year to year, the University, with Faculty Senate endorsement, implemented standardized contract dates of August 15th – May 31st. These dates also satisfy the University System of Maryland Policy on Faculty Appointment Letters or Contracts, USM BOR II-1.22.

 The State of Maryland Central Payroll Bureau (CPB) administers UB’s payroll and establishes the payroll calendar for all state employees, determining the payroll start and end dates of the academic year for faculty. For new hires, the payroll start date is used as the official start date, the first paid day of employment, and the benefits eligibility date. For continuing faculty members, the payroll start date is used for any academic year salary changes, promotion in rank, and the start of sabbatical. Please note the legislature may approve “off cycle” cost of living adjustments (COLAs) and merit pay, altering the effective date of those increases. The payroll end date is the final paid date for an academic year contract. For instance, the payroll dates for AY16-17 are August 17, 2016 – August 15, 2017.

A faculty member who starts mid-year, teaching only the spring semester, will have their salary spread through the end of the academic payroll year.

A non-renewing faculty member has two options for pay and benefits at the conclusion of the academic year. The faculty member may remain on payroll through the end of the academic payroll calendar, receiving the standard bi-weekly pay and continuing benefits through mid-August. The other option has the non-renewing faculty member receiving the remainder of the contract amount as a lump sum on the final paycheck. Benefits will terminate on the same date.

Faculty who terminate during the academic year will receive a pro-rated contract payout for the portion of the academic year completed.

Payment for work outside of the primary faculty appointment, such as summer research, overload teaching assignments, advising, or curriculum development, is paid through additional contracts and added to the regular paycheck.




Last Published 6/22/16