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 Timesheet FAQ's:


  • Is there any timesheet information resource currently available on the UB website to help with timesheet submittal and approval?

    Yes, they exist on the Human Resources website. Timesheet FAQ's HR 

  • I am a timesheet supervisor and I need to adjust hours incorrectly submitted by an employee under my supervision. How can I do this?

    If the correction needed is noticed before the deadline for employees to submit the timesheet, then employee should be contacted and asked to correct. If after the employee submission deadline, then the timesheet supervision should add a new row to the employee’s elapsed time portion of timesheet, enter the earnings code that the employee incorrectly entered at the beginning of the new row, enter the incorrect hours as a negative under the applicable date on the same row, and then add a new row with correct earnings code and positive hours. Then the timesheet should be saved. Confirm that correct hours have been adjusted, approve timesheet as modified, and then add an explanation in the memo area of reason for correction. Save timesheet again and confirm that your name shows under approval area and that memo correction information is showing correctly.

  • I am a timesheet supervisor and I need to approve overtime hours submitted by an employee under my supervision. How can I do this?

    Once a non-exempt employee’s timesheet has been reviewed and verified that all hours were actually worked, and the earnings code “NPW” shows on employee’s timesheet, indicating that overtime was worked (more than 40 hours worked in a Wednesday – Tuesday week segment), then the “OT/Comp Authorization” link at the lower left hand of timesheet under “Return to Search” radio button needs to be clicked. This will bring up screen that hours and reason for overtime hours needs to be entered. After this is completed, then return to elapsed time and save. The hours showing as NPW should now show on timesheet as earning code “OTP”. Timesheet should then have”approved as submitted” or “approved as modified” chosen and then click on “Saved Timesheet”. Manager Name should then show up under”approved as submitted” or “approved as modified” and that would show timesheet has been properly approved.

  • I am a timesheet supervisor, a non-exempt employee under my supervision submitted overtime hours (hours showing on timesheet as earnings code NPW) and I forgot to approve. Will they still be paid?

    Per UB policy all overtime hours should be approved and reason for OT notated in order to properly create a record of authorization for the payment of overtime. Per Federal regulations, the Fair Labor Standards Act, all overtime hours that an employee actually works and records on timesheet must be paid. This causes the payroll department to be required to pay any overtime hours recorded as worked and approved on timesheet (even if it still shows as earnings code NPW) to a non exempt employee, even if supervisor has not officially approved through timesheet system. This overlooking of policy will not hurt the employee being paid but could lead to disciplinary action of supervisor (or employee if working hours not authorized) for not properly documenting reason for overtime and completing official UB authorization of those overtime hours. Therefore strict supervision and approval of all extra hours being worked by a non-exempt employee is expected.


Last Published 10/2/15