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Tuition Remission Program

The specifics of this benefit are different for the employee, their spouse, or their dependents and are determined by when the employee was hired. If you have questions after reading the information below, please contact the Office of Human Resources.


  • Employee Benefits

    All regular exempt and non-exempt, full-time UB employees may receive up to 8 credits free of tuition charge at any USM institution. The benefit is offered immediately upon hire for you to use at the start of the next semester.

  • Spouse/Dependent Benefit for USM Employees Hired Before 1/1/90

    Spouse and dependents are eligible for full tuition at the undergraduate and graduate levels at any USM institution, including Morgan, St. Mary's and Baltimore City Community College. This benefit is offered on a pro-rata basis to regular employees who are employed at least 50%. Eligibility is contingent upon meeting admission criteria and any enrollment regulations at the selected institution. Benefits are also offered to retirees whose service began before 1/1/90, as well as to retiree's spouse or dependent children. However, no benefits are offered to retirees whose serviced began before 1/1/90 at St. Mary's College of Maryland.

  • Spouse/Dependent Benefit for USM Employees Hired Between 1/1/90 and 6/30/92

    Spouse and dependents are eligible for full tuition for the first undergraduate degree at only the home institution. Because UB does not enroll freshmen or sophomores, full tuition remission at any institution is extended to spouses and dependents for the freshman and sophomore years only. Morgan, St. Mary's College of Maryland and Baltimore City Community College are included for employee's dependent child(ren);

    Spouses may not enroll at Morgan, St. Mary's or BCCC. No retiree benefits are offered for employees, spouse of employee, or dependents of employee whose service began on or after 1/1/90. 

  • Spouse/Dependent for USM Employees Hired On or After 7/1/92

    In addition to the spouse/dependent benefits stated in the previous paragraph for employees hired after 1/1/90, spouse and dependent tuition benefits are available only after the active full-time or part-time (at least 50%) employee has been in University service for two years prior to the anticipated date of registration for course work.


Last Published 10/2/15