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Contracts established for use by faculty and staff of the University of Baltimore for institutional purchases.

The contracts listed below have been established by the University of Baltimore or by other public procurement agencies (USM institutions, State of Maryland agencies, other universities, etc) and are available for use by UB faculty and staff for purchases for the institution. If you have any questions about a contract or the contractor (vendor) please contact the Buyer listed for that contract. Procurement will be able to issue a purchase order without delay for a purchase from a contract, regardless of dollar amount (up to one million dollars), because the competitive procurement process has already been completed.


US Communities Contracts                         US Communities Marketplace

US Communities contracts have been established through a competitive process by public procurement entities.  USM and UB's Procurement Policies and Procedures allow us to use such cooperative procurement contracts.  If you are interested in using the US Communities contracts, please contact Blair Blankinship to get registered and get a password.  Contractors include Fisher Scientific, Graybar, Hertz, Tech Depot, Zep and more.


Computers or Computer Components and special software Purchase of computers or computer components and special (not off-the-shelf) software must be approved by OTS.  However, OTS has established a list of pre-approved computer configurations.  See their Recommended Computer Configurations (no further approvals from OTS required for those configurations).

UB Contract for Office Supplies

USM contracts for travel agencies

UB Catering Contractors

Furniture purchases

Baltimore Metropolitan Council, Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee

Printing and Reprographics

USM Contract for IT Consultants

MEEC Audio/Visual/Video AV Contract



Last Published 10/10/17