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In the past, public procurement offices would maintain a bulletin board upon which the Procurement Officials would post solicitations (RFPs, IFBs and RFQs) for public notice.  Vendors would request a copy and receive a copy in the mail a few days later.  In the digital age, UB now posts current solicitations on this "digital bid board"  for download by interested merchants. 

Questions about the solicitation should be directed to the procurement official named in the solicitation document.

WARNING: Prospective offerors who download the document from this site, or have received this document from a source other than the Issuing Office should immediately contact the Issuing Office and provide their name and mailing address in order that amendments to the RFP or other communications can be sent to them. Any prospective vendors who fails to notify the Issuing Office with this information assumes complete responsibility in the event that they do not receive communications from the Issuing Office prior to the closing date.  If a prospective offeror downloads the RFP from this site, that prospective offeror is responsible for downloading any and all amendments and/or addenda to the RFP.

Current Solicitations

RFP UB-18-W-06 for On-Call Design Services

The purpose of the RFP is to select one or more On-Call Contractors to provide on-call design and related services for the University of Baltimore on an as needed, as requested basis.  The Contract that results from this RFP will be an Indefinite Quantity, Indefinite Delivery Contract.  We anticipate awarding approximately three task orders annually services to assist the University of Baltimore in selection of fixtures, furnishings and equipment for the campus.  Services may include renovation of one or more offices in a building, or renovation and redecoration of entire buildings. 

Proposal Due Date: November 16, 2017 by 3:00 PM

Direct Questions to:

University of Baltimore

Department of Procurement and Materials Management

Attn: Toni Wallington

1420 North Charles Street

Baltimore, MD  21201


Amendment Number 1 to RFP UB-18-W-06 for On-Call Design Services

Change the Due Date for Proposals to November 16, 2017 by 3:00 pm.




Last Published 11/3/17