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 Here are some of the necessary forms:

Form to Request Access to PeopleSoft Finance - Use this form to request access or to request a change to your access (including Finance Reporting access).  Access to create or approve PeopleSoft Requisitions is issued on a Department by Department basis (Department means cost center).  You must request access for each PS Department to which you need access.  If you are using Firefox, you will need to download the form in order to complete the fields.  Instructions for how to complete the form are available here.

Note that there is now only one form to request access to PeopleSoft Finance for all functions, including reporting. See the links above.

Purchasing Card Cardholder Agreement Form - Use this form and the Cardholder Information form to request a Purchasing Card.

Purchasing Card Cardholder Information Form - Use this form and the Cardholder Agreement form to request a Purchasing Card.You must also have access to PeoleSoft Finance Purchasing Card screens.


Job Aids

PeopleSoft Requisition Quick Create Guide - a step by step guide for how to create a PeopleSoft Requisition.

A more detailed illustration of how to create a PS Requisition in version 9.1.

PeopleSoft Requisition Approval - How to approve a PeoleSoft Requisition.  There are additional steps required for approval of a Requisition greater than $100,000. 

Requisition detail for Requisitions of computers

PeopleSoft Receiving Quick Create Guide - a step by step guide for how to create a Receipt in PeopleSoft.  A Receipt in PeopleSoft is your acknowlegement that the goods have been received or the service has been performed successfully and your approval to pay the vendor for the goods and/or services.

How to attach a document to a PS Requisition.

How to find the status of a PeopleSoft Requisition - How to view the status and see if a PO has been issued and/or if the vendor has been paid.

Purchasing Card Transaction Verification - How to verify p-card transactions and reallocate the charges to the correct Account and Department.

How to Cancel a Receipt

How to Cancel other Transactions in PeopleSoft - How to cancel a Requisition, PO.

How to Request an Increase to a Purchase Order

Vendor Addresses for AT&T

Vendor Addresses for "Director of Finance" City of Baltimore

Requisitions for travel reimbursements and for blanket purchase orders.  An explanation of "blanet purchase orders" and suggestions for creating requisitions for "blanet purchase orders" and travel reimbursements.

And if all else fails, here is the hard copy Requisition form.


Last Published 5/23/17