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What we are working on.

The CD3C aims to develop initiatives that foster the development of digital competences and leadership in our community as well as the diffusion and advancement of digital innovations.

  • Proposed Activities for Academic Year 2016-2017 

    The activity plan for the academic year 2016-2017 will focus on building a solid foundation that ensures long-term sustainability of the center. The first step will be mapping the current environment, identifying key stakeholders and opportunities and develop a thorough strategic plan. To that end, the following activities will take place:

    • Mapping current “digital” expertise and initiatives at UB
    • Identification of key external stakeholders
    • Convening an advisory board
    • Identification of developmental opportunities

    This interdisciplinary and collaborative approach should set the foundation for the CD3C truly serve as an umbrella for a wide range of initiatives that promote digital competences and encourage digital use in our community. Stakeholder and community involvement, industry partnerships as well as a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding the CD3C are vital elements for developing a clear vision and a long-term sustainable strategy for the center.


Last Published 10/25/16