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University of Baltimore Provost Office

The curriculum approval process and related documents are found on this page, including a link to the program review process. Approved curriculum documents are found on a UB-only searchable SharePoint site, which can be accessed by clicking here. Enter your UB email address at the Office 365 login page and then entering your UB NetID and password at the portal login; you will then enter to the site.

Policies & Procedures

Course/Program Proposal Forms

  1. Course Changes
  2. New Course
  3. Program Requirements Changes
  4. Minor - Add or Discontinue
  5. New Specialization
  6. Area of Concentration -- Add or Delete
  7. Certificate Program -- Add or Delete
  8. Program Title Change
  9. New Degree Program
  10. Off-Campus Delivery of Existing Program
  11. Closed Site Program
  12. Program Suspension, Reactivation, or Termination

Course Definition Document(Word doc)

Full 10-Page MHEC Proposal Outline and Instructions (USM site link)

MHEC Program Categories and Definitions and Relevant MHEC and BOR Approval Processes (pdf)

Flowchart (pdf)

AY16-17 Timeline for Program Proposals

MHEC Fee Schedule (pdf)

Review of Existing Academic Programs

Last Published 5/11/17